By Duncan Smith

As President Donald Trump and Republicans continue to rail against and oppose a nationwide mail-in balloting scheme over concerns of widespread vote fraud, they continue to be proven correct.

The latest example stems from an “error” in Baltimore that resulted in mail-in ballots not being counted in Tuesday’s municipal elections.

The Baltimore Sun has the details:

Voters and candidates are demanding answers from state and local election leaders after the late night disappearance of Baltimore City primary election returns from the state's website and the revelation that a ballot error led to inaccurate results in at least one City Council race. … 

Both Democrats in the District 1 race, incumbent Zeke Cohen and challenger Paris Bienert, raised questions about early returns as they were posted Tuesday night showing Cohen, a member of City Council for four years, with only 39 votes while Bienert had 1,882. Those returns showed only totals from vote-by-mail and dropbox ballots counted before primary day.

In its two-paragraph statement, the Maryland Board of Elections faulted its mail vendor SeaChange for failing to correct an error in the 'ballot title' for the council contest. State officials found the error while proofing ballots during the printing process, and requested SeaChange fix the issue, according to state officials.

'While the error was corrected in the official voting database, the error was not corrected on a portion of the ballots that were mailed to voters in District 1,' the state Board of Elections said. 'Due to this inconsistency, vote by mail ballot styles for District 1 could not be counted properly.'

Both of the Democrats complained that the error and ‘suggested’ that the state has to be more transparent about what took place that led to mail-in ballots not being counted.

Baltimore isn’t the only city recording mail-in balloting ‘problems,’ as Breitbart News notes:

Other states have dealt with severe election errors in their quest to expand mail-in voting. In Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, state officials admitted that duplicate ballots had been mailed out to registered voters ahead of their election.

Likewise, in elections across Wisconsin, at least 30,000 mail-in votes were counted after election day and thousands of mail-in votes were thrown out due to postmark issues, missing voter signatures, and missing witness signatures.

Federal data obtained by Breitbart News indicates that at least 28.4 million mail-in ballots sent to individuals on state voter rolls have gone missing since the 2012 election.

Legal watchdog group Judicial Watch has been suing (and winning against) states and localities over massive voter registration roll discrepancies, forcing officials to clean up lists and remove dead persons and others otherwise ineligible to vote.

Now you know why Democrats are pushing so hard for mail-in balloting for the entire country.

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