By Duncan Smith

A correspondent for Townhall who is on the scene covering riots in Minneapolis says that National Guard and State Police units sent to restore order appear to have abandoned a position in the fact of advancing protesters.

Reporter Julio Rosas tweeted that the National Guard and riot police were 'falling back from their positions as the crowd began to throw projectiles at them,' and that he 'got shot with a non-lethal weapon by riot police.'

Rosas later tweeted that the 'riot police and National Guard have completely abandoned the perimeter they had set up earlier. Rioters have chased them away.'

In another tweet, Rosas provided footage of law enforcement 'leaving the perimeter they had set up and right before I got hit.'

'It got out of hand after law enforcement told the crowd that had gathered that within ten minutes they were going to be in violation of that curfew order,' he later told Fox News host Laura Ingraham. 'They weren't too happy with that so they started throwing all sorts of stuff, bottles, rocks, at the National Guardsmen and the riot police.'

Police were 'firing back with tear gas, and, as I can attest to, non-lethal rounds,' he added. 'Then they started pulling back. They pulled back completely.'

Gov. Tim Walz refuted Rojas’ reporting, claiming that Guard units and state police were present and accounted for.

'The Minnesota National Guard, State Patrol, and local police are on the ground responding to incidents in Mpls-St. Paul. I urge residents to comply with 8pm curfew and go home immediately. Law enforcement needs to respond to emergencies, restore order, and keep Minnesotans safe,” he tweeted.

The Minnesota Department of Public Safety, meanwhile, also tweeted a warning to rioters that cops were out in force and that they would be arrested if they did not leave the area around the Fifth Precinct police station.

'350 troopers and officers are on the ground near the Fifth Precinct in Minneapolis to clear the area and enforce the curfew,' the MDPS tweeted.

'Troopers are giving dispersal orders near the Fifth Precinct. Leave the area now or you will be arrested,' it added.

Others noted a dearth of law enforcement and National Guard units.

Holly Bailey, The Washington Post's national political reporter, also tweeted that she had seen 'no sign of National Guard troops or other police.”

'Driving around Minneapolis tonight, it is shocking how few law enforcement you see. Seen cops on bikes patrolling downtown, but no sign of National Guard troops or other police. Strategy seems unchanged from the last few nights. Chaos erupts, with little attempt to stop it,' she wrote on Twitter.

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