By Duncan Smith

Former U.S. congressman and federal prosecutor Trey Gowdy made it very plain Thursday evening during an interview with Fox News that he believes Derek Chauvin, the police officer who was responsible for the death of George Floyd, is guilty of murder.

“I can tell you, take the uniform off of that police officer, just have a man with his knee on the other man’s neck, there’d already be an arrest,” Gowdy said.

“And I don’t need to wait on the Feds, this is a violation of Minnesota state law,” he continued. “This is murder. It’s either murder one, two, or three. It’s one of the three.”

In fact, as of this writing, Chauvin has been arrested and charged with 3rd Degree murder as well as manslaughter.

Gowdy said he couldn’t understand why Chauvin wasn’t in custody already after having “watched the video” of the arrest in which he kept Floyd pinned by the neck on the pavement for anywhere from 6-9 minutes.

He added that the video showed that the officer was not in any danger, as Floyd was not resisting. Rather, the suspect was pleading with Chauvin and other officers in the area to let him breathe.

Gowdy did say that it did not appear as though the death was premeditated, “so take murder one off the table.” He also said that if Chauvin was a South Carolina police officer he would have been in custody already.



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