By Duncan Smith

If you haven’t figured out by now that the most ignorant, nonsensical, and tyrannical coronavirus policies are being implemented by Democrats, then you simply haven’t been paying attention.

The goofball mayor of Boston is the latest “D” to do so.

On Thursday, Mayor Marty Walsh declared that the city won’t be ‘safe’ enough to hold the Boston Marathon this year, so he’s canceled it — the first time in the annual event’s history that it won’t be held.

Originally scheduled for April 20, the event had been pushed back until Sept. 14. But because Walsh thinks the disease will still be a ‘thing’ by then, he’s decided to just cancel it.

But it won’t be canceled altogether, no. Runners will be able to compete ‘remotely.’ Won’t that be fun?

'While our goal and our hope is to make progress in containing the virus and recovering our economy, this kind of event would not be responsible or realistic on September 14 or any time this year,' Walsh announced Thursday on Twitter.

'So instead, we'll be joining and supporting the @BAA in an alternative approach to the Marathon that allows runners to participate remotely, and allows all of us to celebrate the meaning this race has for our spirit, for our charities, and for our local economy,' he added.

'This is a challenge, but meeting tough challenges is what the Boston Marathon is all about,' Walsh continued. 'It's a symbol of our city and Commonwealth's resilience.'

How is canceling an outdoor sporting event due to a virus that does not kill younger, fit people “meeting” a tough challenge?

Whatever Walsh’s real motivations for canceling this race, it isn’t because he’s ‘following the science,’ as Democrats continually tell us they are. The science doesn’t indicate that coronavirus is a major threat outdoors and certainly not for the average marathon runner.

What’s more, given the fact that the ‘curve’ has flattened and the virus is receding in states that are opening, it’s not even a given coronavirus will return in the fall as much of a threat. Even Dr. COVID Doom & Gloom, Anthony Fauci, now agrees.

Nevertheless, Walsh becomes the latest Democrat to dump on his citizens by perpetuating the fear factor surrounding a virus that ultimately won’t kill any more Americans than a bad flu season.

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