By Duncan Smith

Former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick, who led the anti-American “kneeling” movement that cost the game fans and him a job, is now doing his best Che Guevara impression and warning of a ‘revolt’ in the wake of what appears to have been a senseless killing of a black suspect by a Minneapolis police officer.

Readers have likely seen the disturbing video of the white cop pinning down 46-year-old George Floyd for several minutes using his knee, as the cuffed forgery suspect gasped for air and begged the officer to let him breathe.

The video and resultant death sparked looting and riots in deep blue Minneapolis, as civic and elected leaders call for calm, promising that justice will be done.

But not Che Kaepernick. Rather, he’s warning that more violence is necessary, like burning and looting and rioting and destroying our cities and homes is the answer to anything.

“When civility leads to death, revolting is the only logical reaction. The cries for peace will rain down, and when they do, they will land on deaf ears, because your violence has brought this resistance. We have the right to fight back! Rest in Power George Floyd,” he tweeted Thursday.

Needless to say, Kaepernick was checked mightily online in response to his ‘revolutionary’ language (and is he going to lead the rebellion?).

In any event, sparking additional violence isn’t going to help. All it’s going to do is get more people hurt and maybe killed when the authorities in Minneapolis and the state crackdown, which, eventually, they’ll have to do if the looting and rioting continues.

Most citizens are understandably upset by what has happened. But the reality is, destroying private property and spraying wheelchair-bound grandmothers with fire extinguishers are both bad optics and are not going to win you hearts, minds, and converts.

It will, however, make you estranged from the bulk of the civil society that still relies on the justice system, flawed though it may be, to handle such atrocities.

That’s what needs to happen and must happen in this case as well.

So, maybe ‘Kap’ can put away his revolutionary garb and language for the time being and use his platform to push for legitimate changes — maybe without wearing anti-police “pig” socks and encouraging people to crap on the American flag and National Anthem.


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