By Duncan Smith

President Donald Trump’s reelection campaign just underwent a shakeup that is aimed at bolstering his already good chances in November.

The reelection campaign added two senior staffers including Bill Stepien, a veteran Republican strategist and adviser to Trump.

Stepien will serve under campaign manager Brad Parscale as deputy campaign manager, the New York Times reported.

The campaign is also promoting Stephanie Alexander to campaign chief of staff from her current role as regional political director in the Midwest.

“I will continue to support Brad Parscale as he leads the campaign, working with all of our partners in states across the country, and helping to coordinate all of our efforts to ensure the president is re-elected,” Stepien told the Times.

Staffers in both the Trump and Joe Biden campaigns have made major investments in digital media in order to keep the campaigns and the candidates fresh and uppermost in the minds of voters as coronavirus-related shutdowns have prevented live events.

The Times adds:

In reality, Mr. Stepien’s new title codifies a role that he has been playing already, according to people close to the campaign. Mr. Stepien has worked for Mr. Trump since 2016, when he was hired by Mr. Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner, after the convention as the field director.

Mr. Parscale’s expertise is in online marketing. He was made campaign manager years before the re-election effort was underway in earnest, put into the position by Mr. Kushner.

The paper is also claiming, as all other Left-wing ‘mainstream’ outlets are as well, that Trump has fallen behind Biden in the polls.

But this appears to be more of the same kind of wishful thinking that marred the 2016 election, when all the polls (with a few notable exceptions) and all the major media predicted a Hillary Clinton landslide.

They were wrong then and there’s no reason to believe that they’re not wrong this time around.

The fact is, Biden is a horrible candidate who is uninspiring and not at all the kind of nominee Democrats really wanted to put up against Trump.

That said, we believe the Democrats know they can’t beat Trump this year no matter who they run, so they may as well offer up a sacrificial lamb and throw a Hail Mary.

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