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By Duncan Smith

Republican National Committee Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel said Tuesday several states have contacted her expressing an interest in holding the party’s summer nomination convention after President Donald Trump suggested the venue could be moved out of Charlotte, N.C., because Democratic Gov. Roy Cooper refuses to make pledges regarding capacity.

The governor, Trump suggested, is playing games with the RNC, using the now-fading coronavirus pandemic as an excuse to prevent Republicans from having a full, packed venue.

“The president is right to say to the governor, you need to assure us before we lock in all these hotel rooms and we bring all of this revenue to your state that you’re going to let us have this convention,” McDaniel said during an appearance on “Fox & Friends.”

“There’s a lot of states that are calling the president right now saying, hey, why don’t you bring that revenue to our state,” she added.

But Cooper won’t commit to anything, she added.

“Every state we talk to is saying, ‘we want to nominate the president here.’ They’re so excited to have that,” McDaniel said later, The Epoch Times reports. “But this governor is up for reelection, he hasn’t given us the assurances we need, we need to be able to move forward in a concrete way.”

Currently, indoor gatherings are capped at 10 people by order of the governor.

“State health officials are working with the RNC and will review its plans as they make decisions about how to hold the convention in Charlotte,” a spokesperson for the governor’s office told the news outlet.

“North Carolina is relying on data and science to protect our state’s public health and safety,” the spokesperson added in the emailed statement.

Answers will have to come “sooner rather than later,” an RNC spokesperson told The Epoch Times, “or we will be forced to consider other options.”

Some red-state governors have already made it clear to the president he and the RNC are welcome there.

Republican Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp said the state has “world-class facilities, restaurants, hotels, and workforce” while reaching out to Trump on Twitter to tell him “Georgia would be honored to safely host the Republican National Convention.”

And James Dickey, who heads the Texas Republican Party, said in a statement to news outlets that Texas “would welcome President Trump and the RNC Convention.”

If Cooper continues to keep his state locked down just to spite Republicans and the president, hopefully, North Carolinians will exact a political toll on him and his party at the ballot box in November.

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