By Duncan Smith

Leave to Leftists to utilize whatever situation they can to project their authoritarianism onto the most liberty-minded society ever to exist.

On Monday, MSNBC medical contributor Dr. Vin Gupta actually suggested making the wearing of masks mandatory for all Americans because he thinks the presence of coronavirus (while waning) justifies it.

“I’m going to say this for the benefit of your family — I know you have young kids — for my family, and for all Americans, we should make masks mandatory in public, just like we ban indoor smoking, because you know what? You shouldn’t have to breathe somebody else’s secondhand smoke. I shouldn’t have to breathe exhaled COVID-19 in somebody’s breath. Nobody should,” he said.

“We should institute mandatory masks in public when you can’t guarantee social distancing. That means retail stores, public transportation, workplaces. That’s absolutely where we should be heading,” he continued.

“It makes no sense we’re not already there. People are flouting the rules. A security guard at a retail outlet in Michigan died trying to encourage a customer to wear a mask. They shot him because they didn’t like the way it was trying to be enforced, that policy. We need to not put the onus on security guards at local outlets to enforce this policy or to encourage Americans to abide by it. It’s all in our interests that we wear masks. The evidence is overwhelming. We just need governors to do their job,” Gupta said.

It’s unfortunate that anyone is shot for any reason, but as for Gupta’s demand, here’s a better idea: If you’re too scared to go out in public, then many you should stay home.

His ‘right’ to be protected does not supersede someone else’s right to freely choose their own personal behavior. If the good doctor wants to wear a mask when he goes out in public, then by all means, he should wear one.

That’s a personal decision that should not be made mandatory because we live in America, not China where little Mao wannabes get to tell everyone how to act and what to do.

Our very existence came from our desire to practice free will. And it seems that since our founding some Americans have wanted to shunt our liberties in some fashion or manner. Using the coronavirus is just the latest attempt to stifle freedoms under the false premise of trading a lot of liberty for some possible security.

Again, if Gupta wants to wear a mask and put masks on his kids so that they grow up living in fear and dread, that’s on him. The rest of us, however, should be able to choose our own course of action.

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