By Duncan Smith

Before he ran for president (and won the first time out), Donald Trump ran a multi-billion dollar business empire.

True, he was also a reality TV host who liked to have fun, but when it comes to getting down to business, his reputation was that he didn’t brook much nonsense because time is (was) money and extremely valuable.

Being president of the United States, we imagine, is infinitely more difficult than running a multinational business, which means Trump has even less time for nonsensical BS now — which explains why he’s past being fed up with juvenile questions from an infantile press.

On Monday, the president put another of them in their place after bothering him with a question about whether or not Secretary of State Mike Pompeo was having underlings wash dishes and walk his dog in relation to previous reports that Trump fired State Department Inspector General Steve Linick for allegedly investigating the nation’s top diplomat.

Mind you reports Monday said that Linick was also suspected of improper leaks to the media — a common occurrence with deep state actors during the Trump administration.

“You mean he’s under investigation because he had somebody walk his dog, from the government? I don’t know. It doesn’t sound — I don’t think it sounds like that important. I mean, you have a man that’s supposed to be — and he’s a brilliant guy, number one at West Point, number one at Harvard, I believe — Harvard Law School, or close … and they’re bothered because he’s having somebody walk his dog, as you’re telling me?” Trump began.

“I didn’t know that, I didn’t hear that, I didn’t know about an investigation. But this is what you get with the Democrats,” he continued. “Here’s a man supposed to be negotiating war and peace with major, major countries, with weaponry like the world has never seen before, and the Democrats and the fake news media, they’re interested in a man who’s walking their dog?”

“And maybe he’s busy. And maybe he’s negotiating with [North Korean leader] Kim Jong-un, okay, about nuclear weapons. So that he’d say, ‘Please, could you walk my dog? Would you mind walking my dog? I’m talking to Kim Jong-un,’ or, ‘I‘m talking to [Chinese] President Xi [Jinping] about paying us for some of the damage they have caused to the world, and to us. Please walk my dog,'” the president continued.

“To — who, a Secret Service person or somebody, right? I don’t know. I think this country has a long way to go. They — the priorities are really screwed up when I read this. Now, I don’t know anything about the investigation but, you’re just telling me about walking a dog — and, what’d you say, doing dishes?” he asked.

Later, Trump said, “I’d rather have him on the phone with some world leader than have him wash dishes … Do you know how stupid that sounds to the world?”

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