By Duncan Smith

Okay, now this is just getting ridiculous.

It’s bad enough now that the coronavirus outbreak is subsiding across most of the country that there are still (mostly Democrat) governors who are extending lockdowns (while at the same time complaining about a loss of tax revenue).

Now, here comes another Democratic governor, Gavin Newsom of California, who is suggesting that because of a potential “third wave,” parts of his state may have to be shut down indefinitely.

So much for simply worrying about a “second wave.”

In an appearance on CNN, Newsom compared COVID-19 to the 1918 Spanish flu epidemic.

“If history doesn’t repeat itself, it certainly rhymes. And the realities of previous pandemics around the globe and those we experienced in the United States suggest not just second waves, but potential third waves,” Newsom said.

“And so one has to be very, very sober as we move forward to this next round of re-openings, and do so with the modifications that are required of the moment, and, I think, a humbleness of spirit on all sides of the political aisle that’s also needed at this moment,” he continued, in response to a question about how quickly schools will re-open and major sporting and concert events could resume.

He predicted that “some school[s] will not be” ready to open in the fall though “many schools will be.”

“And it’s all conditioned on our ability to not only keep our children safe but to keep staff and faculty safe, to keep the community safe. So, it’s all predicated on data, on science, on not just observed evidence, the reality on the ground,” Newsom said. “So, I think it’s a question that is a difficult one to answer in absolute terms. There’s nuance. But we are moving forward, in hope and expectation that we can start that school year very strategically and methodically, again, based upon the health as a prime frame of reference in terms of those decisions.”

“But, look, I’m a father of four kids, and deeply anxious about their health and safety, as every parent watching is as well. And so it’s just another proof point. Those that claim we know what we know about this pandemic, it was 90 days ago no one even knew the word COVID, let alone what corona actually meant,” he continued.

“And so we are in a situation where, every day, we have to be humbled by what we don’t know, and we have to be open to argument, interested in evidence. You cannot be ideological about this disease, and nor — forgive me for belaboring — can we be naive.”

Okay, here’s what we do know:

— Coronavirus does not severely infect young people and especially children, nor does it kill them. But do you what does? The flu, yet we send kids to school during flu season every year, and some of them die, despite the fact that there’s a vaccine for the flu.

— There are states now that are reopening and they’re not seeing spikes in COVID-19 cases.

— More than a few disease experts and researchers have said keeping healthy people locked down and sheltered is depriving us of the “herd immunity” development of antibodies we need in order to visit our grandparents again.

— There likely is no constitutional authority to keep cities and businesses shut down in perpetuity.

This is what happens when one party rules a state with a super-majority: Elected leaders act with the confidence of control and without fear of ever being seriously challenged, politically. Tyrannies are made in this way.

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