By Duncan Smith

Former deputy national security adviser K.T. McFarland said Monday she believes the country is close to finding out how the so-called ‘Russiagate’ scandal began during the waning months of the Obama administration.

“It’s a tipping point that the bureaucracy reaches because there are some decent people there somewhere,” the former adviser to President Donald Trump told Fox Nation. “As more and more documents are declassified… the more information that comes out, the more will come out because other people will step forward.”

In April, a review ordered by Attorney General William Barr revealed notes and emails that investigators had uncovered raising allegations that the FBI under then-Director James Comey attempted to set up the president’s then-national security adviser, Michael Flynn.

That led the Justice Department to drop their case against Flynn, though the federal judge in the case is being a ‘difficult‘ by refusing to agree.

Nevertheless, as McFarland has previously alleged, and in this new interview, she detailed in-depth how FBI agents used similarly questionable tactics against her.

“They targeted a group of people, particularly General Flynn and myself because they knew that our first act of business was to analyze and reform the intelligence community,” she said on “Deep Dive.”

“We were collateral damage. They really didn’t care about me or even Flynn. They wanted to get to President Trump and stop his revolution in its tracks because President Trump wanted to do away with the swamp and they were the swamp,” she said.

Barr said on Monday that the Justice Department is looking at “potentially criminality,” but not every instance of misconduct is “necessarily a federal crime.”

McFarlane, who made her comments before Barr did because her segment was previously recorded last week, said Trump may be the last chance Americans will get to confront the rampant deep state corruption that is rife in the federal law enforcement and intelligence communities.

“I do think that this time it may it could well be different,” she said. “If it’s not different this time, it’ll never change. Then the bad guys, the swamp, they’ve won and we might as well all pack it in.”

“A big part of it is because President Trump — he’s just, he’s tough as nails. He’s not afraid of anybody. Bill Barr isn’t afraid of anybody,” she continued. “And I think that they figure that it’s either now or never, if not now, when and if not by them, who.

“That’s why it’s so important to reelect President Trump,” she concluded. “Otherwise, this stuff just gets buried again, and [it will] never see the light of day.”

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