Credit: National Institutes of Health

By Duncan Smith

As much as the Left-wing mainstream media and its Democrat allies want to continue utilizing the coronavirus pandemic to scare Americans into accepting authoritarian lockdowns and economic deprivation, Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar had some bad news for the tyrannical Sunday, but good news for citizens.

In an interview with CNN’s “State of the Union” program, Azar said federal health agencies and the Trump administration are not seeking major spikes in COVID-19 cases in places around the country that are reopening as the doomsayers predicted.

Meanwhile, he noted, places that remain under strict lockdown orders are seeking spikes.

“We are seeing that in places that are opening, we’re not seeing this spike in cases,” Azar said. “We still see spikes in some areas that are in fact close to very localized situations.”

The Epoch Times adds:

A number of governors have imposed stay-at-home orders to curb the spread of the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus, a novel coronavirus that emerged in Wuhan, China, last year. Such stay-at-home orders have forced the closure of numerous businesses deemed nonessential, leading to more than 30 million job losses in about two months, according to Labor Department statistics.

Azar said that reopening is the choice of local governments.

“Whether it’s the suicidality rates, or cardiac procedures not being received, cancer screenings, pediatric vaccinations declining,” he told CNN. “All of these are critical health needs that are part of reopening the economy.”

“These are very localized determinations. There should not be a one size fits all to reopening but reopen we must because it’s not health versus the economy. It’s health versus healthy,” Azar said, noting further that in cities and communities where hospitals are still forbidden from performing lucrative elective and outpatient procedures, they are in danger of shutting down, thereby creating another problem.

“There is a “very real health consequence to these shutdowns” that ought to be balanced against possible illness from the virus, Azar told CBS News’ “Face the Nation” in a separate interview.

White House economic adviser Peter Navarro had a similar message about the importance of reopening the country’s hospitals since it is now clear our health system isn’t going to be ‘overrun’ by coronavirus.

“Women haven’t been getting mammograms or cervical examinations for cancer. We haven’t been able to do other procedures for the heart or the kidneys,” Navarro told on NBC’s “Meet the Press.” “And that’s going to kill people as well.”

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