By Duncan Smith

The Republican governor of Missouri praised President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence for the administration’s coronavirus response, comparing it to ‘moving mountains.’

“Let me just tell you, the president and vice president have just done nothing but almost move mountains for the entire country,” Gov. Mike Parsons said on Fox News.

“When you think about where we were at 60 days ago — to do what they did to get that CARES package out as early as they did, to almost retool the manufacturing across the United States to make PPE [personal protective equipment] supply for every state,” he said on “Cavuto Live.”

“To be critical of that being done and the federal government to get all that done in 60 days — I mean, people just need to sit back and take a breath here and realize what’s been accomplished in 60 days by the president, the vice president, and frankly the governors,” he added.

Democrats have blasted the president’s response to the coronavirus pandemic, blaming him for everything from shortages of PPE to the deaths of Americans. In fact, they’ve blamed the administration for nearly all of it, but not China, where the virus originated, and not the Chinese government, which covered up the outbreak.

“The one thing we should all learn from this whole exercise is we should never be dependent on foreign countries as much as we were, and for me as a state governor, I need to take care of my state better.

“The president and vice president, I can’t imagine them doing any more than they’ve done,” he continued. “It’s easy to be critical of people — it’s easy to do that, anybody can do that. But when you’re the one who has to get the job done, it’s a whole different scenario.”

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