By Duncan Smith

If Hillary Clinton had been alive during the time of the American Revolution, we feel fairly confident in saying she’d have been a “loyalist” to the British Crown.

As readers are aware, there have been a growing number of protests around the country by Americans concerned about their economic well-being and the future of our liberty amid increasingly stringent and enduring coronavirus lockdowns.

That has especially been the case in Michigan, where the Democrat governor, Gretchen Whitmer, has become increasingly tyrannical in implementing and then attempting to extend her lockdown order, even though the state legislature has not authorized an extension.

It’s not clear yet whether Whitmer’s actions are legal; the GOP-led legislature has taken her to court and a judge will have to figure it out. But in the meantime, Michiganders are hurting financially. What’s more, scores of them are fed up with Whitmer’s authoritarianism.

So they have become increasingly restive, hence the protests. And some residents have shown up to protest with firearms — because that is their right under the Constitution, which does not say that redressing government grievances must be done unarmed.

All of which brings us back to Clinton. She took to Twitter on Friday to declare that armed demonstrations are now “domestic terrorism” that “cannot be tolerated.”

So obviously, the Democrat Clinton has the same tyrannical mindset as the Democrat Whitmer. Starting to see a pattern?

Clinton either doesn’t understand or doesn’t care that Americans don’t have to ask for her permission or for anyone else’s in order to protest. That right is recognized in and guaranteed by the Constitution. And if they want to protest armed, so be it. That right is guaranteed as well.

But she ought to know about ‘terrorism.’ After all, it was a group of terrorists who attacked our embassy in Benghazi, Libya, who proceeded to kill four Americans including our diplomat, Chris Stevens, on her watch as secretary of state.

She called a real act of terrorism a ‘protest.’


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