By Duncan Hunter

Former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper has a history of dishonesty, and it looks like he may be playing loose and fast with the truth once more.

In an interview with his benefactor, CNN, Clapper seemed to have real difficulties remembering key details about all the times he requested Americans be unmasked ‘for intelligence purposes.

During the interview, Clapper eventually settled on the figure — “one or two per week” — over the course of his roughly six years with the Obama administration.

But when the host asked Clapper about three specific unmaskings that coincided with the unmasking of then-incoming National Security Adviser Michael Flynn, Clapper’s memory seemed to fade again.


There’s just one problem here. Clapper’s name appears with several others in a list of persons requesting the unmasking of Flynn recently declassified and released by current acting ODNI Richard Grenell.

Other familiar names include James Comey, John Brennan, and then-UN Ambassador Samantha Power, who claimed in testimony before Congress she never personally made any of the hundreds of unmasking requests bearing her name, but that they instead were filed by underlings.

There’s also another interesting name on the list of possibles: Then-White House Chief of Staff to President Obama, Denis McDonough.

Clapper shouldn’t be taken at his word because as he’s demonstrated in the past, his word doesn’t mean anything. Perhaps he’ll get a chance to tell a grand jury more about this if he gets indicted by U.S. Attorney John Durham, who is currently conducting a criminal probe into the origins of the “Russiagate” hoax.

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