By Duncan Smith

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her Democrat lieutenants who crafted the latest, massive $3 trillion coronavirus relief bill in secret included a provision that provides amnesty for illegal aliens.

The bill names some illegal aliens as “essential workers” and grants them permission to remain in the U.S. legally during the current coronavirus emergency, at least.

“The Democrats even require states to send mail-in ballots to people for every federal election going forward, even if they just wanted one for this election. In other words, they want to permanently change our elections, even though it increases the risk of fraud,” Sen. Tom Cotton (R-Ark.), tweeted Tuesday.

“And of course the Democrats snuck amnesty into the bill: Illegal immigrants in “essential services” would be authorized to work for the duration of the crisis. Meanwhile, 22 million Americans are unemployed. Don’t you think those Americans want a job?” he added after his office discovered the language.

Fox News host Tucker Carlson slammed the underhanded amnesty provision for broadly defined essential workers during a segment on his Tuesday broadcast.

“Once this amnesty is granted it will never be taken away…Democrats will win every Presidential Election for the rest of your life, the rest of your children’s lives, the rest of your grandchildren’s lives,” he predicted.

“The bill contains an amnesty provision for the duration of the coronavirus crisis… All illegal immigrants employed in so-called essential services would be shielded from deportation. People who hire illegal aliens could not be prosecuted,” Carlson continued.

“Don’t be fooled. This is not about defending physicians… Essential workers, as it is defined, is an enormous category that includes almost every part of the American economy. This is a blanket amnesty for virtually every illegal alien who has taken an American job,” he added.

Big League Politics also reported that the bill contains taxpayer-funded payments of $1,200 to people in the country illegally.

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