Courtesy: Justin Riggins

By Duncan Smith

A Crawfordsville, Ind., man decided to honor health care workers currently on the front lines treating coronavirus patients by painting a gigantic American flag in a field.

Justin Riggins, an automotive repair shop owner who also has a large piece of land about 45 miles northwest of Indianapolis, led a group of family members and friends in painting a 10,686-square-foot version of the flag recently.

Riggins, who describes himself as “very patriotic,” told CNN he “wanted to recognize there are a lot of heroes on the frontlines.”

“With everything that everyone is going through in this pandemic, I wanted something positive for people,” he added.

Riggins and company met at the field May 1 and spent two hours planning the project using a design from a book that helped them lay it out. The next day the group met and brought along 30 gallons of environmentally-friendly red, white, and blue paint.

The painting of the flag took around five hours to complete, reports said.

Besides being a patriot, Riggins gave another reason for painting the flag. He said he wanted to honor the previous landowner who served in the United States Marine Corps as a tank officer during the Korean war.

“There is also a legacy I’m trying to keep going,” Riggins said. “My property used to be the former Ropkey armor museum that my friend and mentor Fred Ropkey owned.”

The Epoch Times adds:

The Ropkey museum first opened in 1982 and showcased the country’s largest collections of military vehicles that were all curated by Ropkey according to the Tank and AFV News, a blog that publishes information on tanks and armored vehicles. The museum drew veterans and military aficionados from all over the country.

Ropkey passed away in 2013 and the museum closed in August 2017, but Riggins is trying to keep his memory and the tradition of the land alive.

We need something positive right now,” the patriot told CNN. “We are all in this together.”

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