By Duncan Smith

Democrats itching to force American taxpayers to pick up the tab for years of fiscal mismanagement in blue states are just going to have to wait longer if it happens at all.

Chief economic adviser Larry Kudlow indicated Friday that the White House isn’t planning to hold any talks with Congress on a fifth coronavirus ‘relief bill’ this month because President Trump wants to see what the economic impact of states reopening is first.

IJR reported:

Congress has already passed four major bills in the wake of the novel coronavirus outbreak, including three aimed at stabilizing the economy in the wake of record unemployment as most Americans sheltered in place the past two months.

Democrats, who control the House of Representatives, are pushing for a vote as soon as next week on another massive coronavirus-response bill that would include more money for state and local governments, coronavirus testing and the U.S. Postal Service.

Kudlow told reporters that formal talks with Congress have paused for May.

“Well we just had another big infusion,” Kudlow said when why talks were paused.

He’s right. Congress and the White House have ‘infused’ trillions of dollars’ worth of liquidity into the economy, and there’s no way to tell yet what effect it’s had. Simply drawing up another multi-trillion spending bill isn’t going to do much, either, if the first four haven’t helped.

But because they never let a good crisis get wasted, Democrats want to use the U.S. Treasury to help their buddies in blue states and blue cities pay off hundreds of billions in backed-up pension debt, mostly, while injecting them with new funds to spend on buying additional votes. It’s ludicrous.

Plus, we saw during the last relief bill, Democrats want to use the abject fear of the virus they and the media have created to implement nationwide election theft, a.k.a. “mail-in ballots,” because they know that voter registration rolls in virtually every county and every state are outdated and ripe for fraud. The old ‘you shouldn’t have to risk your life to vote’ narrative.

While it’s impossible to say how quickly we’ll recover from the massive coronavirus shutdown hit we’ve taken, one thing’s for sure: With states and businesses reopening more and more by the day, there’s nowhere for the economy to go but up. At 14.7 unemployment, that’s a lot of prospective workers who will be going back to work again (and paying taxes).

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