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By Tank Murdoch @TheNatSent

(TNS) The longer coronavirus-related shutdowns continue, the more comfortable authoritarian Democrat governors and mayors get with their newfound powers.

But the longer the shutdowns continue, the more we are seeing pushback from Americans who are rightfully becoming concerned with the loss of their constitutional rights.

Like the inviolable right to freely practice any religion of choice.

As you may know, many churches on their own have prohibited in-person services and have gone all-virtual for the time being as a precaution against the spread of the virus.

But others have been forced to close by gubernatorial edicts issued by Democrats who are overstepping their bounds, as one federal judge reminded Kansas Gov. Laura Kelly this week.

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Kelly issued an executive order banning church and religious services gatherings of more than 10 people, but a federal judge has issued a temporary injunction against that order, citing First Amendment protections that do not vanish just because there is a health emergency.

Big League Politics notes:

The federal court issued a temporary restraining order against the enforcement of Kelly’s order, citing that the state of Kansas has declined to formally prohibit similar events occurring at secular facilities such as factories and airports. The Democratic Governor pushed back against the ruling, suggesting that she intends to appeal the restraining order in a higher court.

Kansas Attorney General Derek Schmidt, however, lauded the ruling, stating that church services were beyond the formal prohibition of state authorities.

“Today’s judicial ruling is a much-needed reminder that the Constitution is not under a stay-home order and the Bill of Rights cannot be quarantined. The Constitution protects our liberties especially during times of crisis when history reveals governments too quick to sacrifice rights of the few to calm fears of the many,” Schmidt said.

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Based on largely anecdotal evidence, most church leaders and their congregations have decided to suspend in-person gatherings for the time being, though President Trump issued new guidelines last week on how best to reopen parts of the country were the virus is not a big problem.

The point is, Americans acting on their own are acting responsibly already; they don’t need an edict from on-high forcing them to ‘do the right thing.’

And besides, there are a lot of businesses that have remained open throughout the pandemic — supermarkets, certain stores, parks, etc. So it made no sense to target churches, especially when religious practice is specifically protected in the Constitution.

Let this be a lesson to the Democrat power grab: There are going to be limits and you’re going to have to adhere to them.


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