By Tank Murdoch @TheNatSent

(TNS) As of this writing, the state of Connecticut has the 12th most coronavirus cases in the country with 14,755 sickened and 868 deaths.

But one of the state’s two U.S. senators — Chris Murphy — says that’s not China’s fault, despite the fact that the Wuhan coronavirus originated there and U.S. intelligence agencies increasingly believe that COVID-19 was born in a lab, possibly as a biological weapon…to be used at some point against Americans…including those who live in Connecticut.

No, it’s not China’s fault, says Chris Murphy.

It’s President Donald Trump’s fault. Of course.

As the National Review noted Wednesday:

Senator Chris Murphy (D., Conn.) said Tuesday that the blame for coronavirus “is not because of anything that China did” and instead rests squarely with President Trump.

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Speaking to CNN’s Anderson Cooper, Murphy laid out the case that Trump “didn’t take this virus seriously” and that he “viewed this as a hoax” — in an apparent nod to a Democratic attack ad that misrepresents Trump’s “hoax” comments.

“Let’s be honest, there is effectively no response to coronavirus from the administration. All the president does is hold press conferences, everything that has been done to effectively control this virus has been done by governors,” Murphy argued. “ . . . The president talks in these press conferences, but all the of the response has been left to governors. And so if the president had had a more effective national plan from the beginning, we would be in a very different position than we are today.”

That is complete BS. One governor after another — most of them not allies of the president — have praised his responses, knowing full well that without federal intervention they had not planned on their own to handle a pandemic.

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This guy is worse than just a political hack; he’s a Communist sympathizer and a propagandist for a regime that very likely is developing bioweapons at the lab were coronavirus escaped. Our intelligence agencies obviously believe that, as does the Pentagon; otherwise they wouldn’t have made public comments to that end.

So you folks in Connecticut who have either been sickened by this Chinese virus or have lost a loved one because of it, you should know that one of your senators doesn’t think it’s Beijing’s fault at all, and he’s ready to defend that government instead of his own.

Remember Benedict Arnold? This guy’s worse; at least Arnold fought for America first.


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