By Jon Dougherty @TheNatSent

(TNS) With the nation’s economy in tatters after weeks of coronavirus-related ‘stay-at-home’ orders, governors in at least 10 states are now making plans to reopen.

That’s grand news. But what’s even grander is that the 10 states involved make up a plurality of the country’s annual gross domestic product.

And interestingly, all states working on reopening plans with the exception of Massachusetts are led by Democrat governors.

IJR reports:

On Monday, three states on the U.S. West Coast, led by California Governor Gavin Newsom, and seven on the East Coast, led by New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, said they will develop coordinated regional plans. …

Collectively the ten states generated 38.3% of the total U.S. economic output in the fourth quarter of 2019, highlighting how much of the U.S. economy depends on its most populous states. 

California and New York, the biggest and third-biggest states respectively, account for about 23% of total U.S. economic output, figures from the Bureau of Economic Analysis show.

The governors began making plans to reopen their own states after President Donald Trump on Monday noted that the authority actually rests with him under constitutional provisions granted the federal government the authority to regulate commerce — a power that the Supreme Court has said extends within states as well.

That said, the president also noted that he would rather see governors take the actions themselves since he left it to them to issue stay-at-home orders in the first place.

Newsom said he’ll plan with the governors of Oregon and Washington beginning Tuesday — the same day the president’s economic task force ramps up led by newly-appointed Chief of Staff Mark Meadows.

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Meanwhile, on the East Coast, Gov. Cuomo will coordinate with states in the region and will likely conduct a gradual reopening, perhaps even city by city or county by county.

It can’t come too soon. Yes, there is still coronavirus, but as even the wishy-washy Dr. Anthony Fauci has said, it could be back with us again in the fall and perhaps for years afterward. It’s obvious we can’t keep our economy permanently shut down or become a country that is only open for business six months out of every year.

If we’ve learned anything throughout this ordeal it should be this:

— Models are generally wrong as are the ‘experts’ who program them. A much more nuanced approach is best.

— ‘One size fits all’ decision-making is never a good idea.

— Congressional Democrats will literally politicize anything and everything to advance their agenda.


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