By Jon Dougherty @TheNatSent

(TNS) Few people have been as critical of the Justice Department and FBI in recent years as former federal prosecutor Joe diGenova.

Outraged over what both agencies did to try and set up GOP-nominee and then President Donald Trump — no doubt under President Obama’s watchful eye — he’s been advocating for those responsible to be held accountable.

But he doesn’t see anyone stepping up to do so, including current FBI Director Christopher Wray.

In an interview over the weekend (see below), diGenova laced former FBI Director James Comey for allowing the “culture of corruption” to develop during his tenure, essentially permitting the agency to become a political weapon against a presidential contender and then president whom he and the rest of the Washington Deep State simply disapproved of and did not believe had a ‘right’ to be leader of the free world.

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But he also lit into Wray because he’s allowed that culture to continue. Also, diGenova noted, Wray has refused to call out Comey and others in the Justice Department who were responsible for “Spygate” and the blatant coup attempt against a duly elected president.

At around the 12:00 mark, diGenova says:

This is so disturbing, Howie. Because for those of us who spent years and years in federal law enforcement and grew to admire greatly the FBI and the ATF and the Secret Service people we worked with and the postal inspectors.

I got to tell you something I have never in my life been so disappointed in a federal agency [the FBI] but even beyond that, this FBI Director Christopher Wray, is so bad and is so incompetent, that I don’t know how he leads that organization with any degree of integrity.

And, but more important than that, when you lead an organization like that, you gotta have chops.  People have to think that you’re smarter than they are and you’re out there. This guy rides around in a limousine with guys with guns protecting him. I don’t know protecting him from what. If I were a criminal I’d want him in there forever.

In May 2019, diGenova blasted Wray and CIA Director Gina Haspell for pushing back against Attorney General William Barr’s efforts to get to the bottom of the Spygate scandal:

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Noting that FBI Director Christopher Wray and CIA Director Gina Haspel have pushed back against Attorney General William Barr’s efforts to get answers into the origins of the Spygate operation — pushback that led POTUS Trump to grant Barr full authority to declassify all documents related to the attempted coup he saw fit to declassify — diGenova noted that deep state figures have even bigger problems they are “scared to death” will soon be exposed.

“The intelligence community, which includes the FBI, is in full resistance to disclosing what they did during the presidential campaign,” he told his D.C. radio interviewer. “But here’s the other problem they have, and they’re very fearful of.

“The FISA court has already found that there was political spying going on starting in 2012,” he continued. “Not ’15, not ’16…2012. Why was that spying going on in the Obama administration?”

He said, “the FBI and CIA desperately fear that if these disclosures become publicly known in a wide-ranging way, their powers may be cut back, FISA may be restricted, and some additional people may go to prison.”

As we have said all along, the only thing that will prevent another Spygate is to hold the people responsible for it accountable.


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