By Tank Murdoch @TheNatSent

(TNS) Day by day, we continue to see just how overhyped the response has been to the coronavirus pandemic, as our cities and businesses remain locked down and shut down, our economy continues to tank, and people lose their livelihoods.

But so far anyway, no one is being held responsible for any of it.

That said, if we’re ever going to hold people accountable, we should start with the ‘hero’ of the moment, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

This bozo so over-hyped and politicized his state’s ‘epicenter’ status he managed to convince President Trump’s administration to send him vast amounts of costly resources that were never needed and never going to be needed.

And if Cuomo the Mouth didn’t know that ahead of time, then he’s hardly the “leader” Democrats and their media propagandists are making him out to be.

As noted by Strieff at Red State:

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The concept behind the much ballyhooed deployment of the Comfort to New York was that it would treat run of the mill patients freeing up the fixed site hospitals to cope with the ‘surge’ of Wuhan virus patients which, we were assured by very, very smart people, would overwhelm the existing medical system in New York.

This was back when New York Governor Andrew Cuomo was demanding that the Army Corps of Engineers be deployed to build new hospitals in New York (presumably he got this idea from watching the ChiCom propaganda video of the Chinese building a complete hospital in 10 days) and wearing his brown trousers to press conferences where he demand thousands of ventilators, etc., etc., ad nauseam.

Along with the USNS Comfort being deployed, the Javits Center in NYC was converted into a temporary hospital facility with the same mission as the Comfort..How’s that working out?

“The facts on the ground call this deployment into question,” Streiff notes further.

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And how.

One article cited by Red State gave the official count of patients being seen, currently, by the military:

Both facilities were established in New York after Gov. Andrew Cuomo and Mayor Bill de Blasio begged for federal support last month to manage the spiraling outbreak of the coronavirus, but they have been hampered by logistical and communication constraints, officials said. Javits, the sprawling convention center on the West Side of Manhattan, has a capacity for 2,500 people but so far has 66 patients. The Comfort, the Navy hospital ship docked in the Hudson River, has 44 patients out of a capacity for 500.

That’s 110.

On Thursday, Cuomo said only 200 new COVID-19-related hospitalizations were recorded, bringing the total number of virus hospitalizations in New York to roughly 18,300 since March 1. Hardly an unmanageable number, though for some days at some hospitals, it was pretty hectic. Got it.

But overall? Come on. If this wasn’t one of the most egregious abuses of resources ever witnessed, there is no such thing. In the end, we have some 2,000 trained military medical personnel sitting around on their duffs because on governor with one big mouth demanded outsized resources based on little more than BS models and the opportunity to exploit the virus politically.

There are a few names for people like Cuomo, but we can’t list them here. Use your imagination.

Now, there is an effort afoot to move coronavirus patients to the U.S. Army Corps hospital at the Javits Center and aboard the Comfort so that NYC hospitals can ‘return to normal.’

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Seriously? A number of hospitals have been so emptied by panic over the pandemic they are actually laying off staff. The bread-and-butter for most hospitals are outpatient surgeries, which most have canceled now for weeks in anticipation of a wave of virus patients that never materialized.

And now Cuomo the Mouth wants to keep what he’s hoarded in NYC for no good reason?

The president should nix that. These are military assets, meaning they are national assets, not NYC assets. They were deployed to New York with great fanfare but they are clearly no longer needed.

Meanwhile, it’s time to start getting our country reopened for business. Yes, do it in stages, do it smartly, but do it nonetheless.

And we should hold people like Cuomo accountable, publicly, for over-hyping and over-politicizing the situation to obtain assets he never needed.


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