By Jon Dougherty @TheNatSent

(TNS) If there was some ‘master plan’ to use the coronavirus pandemic to tank President Donald Trump’s massive economy, it’s working. Well.

CNBC reported Friday that on top of the 10 million-plus Americans who had already lost jobs or had been furloughed from work, another 6.6 million were tossed out of their positions over the past week.

That’s fully 10 percent of the nation’s workforce — within a three-week period:

Jobless rolls continued to swell due to the coronavirus shutdown, with 6.6 million Americans filing first-time unemployment claims in the week ended April 4, the Labor Department reported Thursday.

That brings the total claims over the past three weeks to more than 16 million. If you compare those claims to the 151 million people on payrolls in the last monthly jobs report, that means the U.S. has lost 10% of the workforce in three weeks.

The most recent number represents a decline of 261,000 from a week ago, which was revised up by 219,000 to nearly 6.9 million.

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Before the self-induced virus panic, U.S. jobs growth was solid, noted CNBC — roughly 221,000 new jobs per month.

And honestly, the labor market couldn’t really grow much faster because prior to all of the ‘social-distancing’ mandates and orders to close “non-essential businesses,” the U.S. unemployment rate had plunged to 3.4 percent under President Trump’s economic leadership.

Here are a couple of interesting tidbits from the CNBC report:

Most of that job decline came in restaurants and drinking establishments though health care and social assistance also took a hit.

Remember when those fools in D.C. and at the CDC were telling all of us we’d run out of hospital beds due to ‘muh coronavirus?’ Just the opposite has happened. Yes, there are a few places where some hospitals are being overwhelmed, but for the most part, hospitals are half-empty and are now being forced to lay-off workers.

We’ve documented this phenomenon.

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Here’s another, per CNBC:

A large contributor to that number was the 1.3 million people who dropped out of the labor force as they lost their jobs but were unable to look for work because of the coronavirus-related restrictions.

So, not only have governors and mayors destroyed jobs and businesses, they have made it illegal in some instances to even go look for another job at, say, a grocery store or other retailer still in business because it has been deemed ‘essential.’

As Dan Bongino noted Thursday evening as he guest-hosted for talk radio giant Mark Levin: There are no non-essential businesses to the Americans who built them, put their life savings into them, and are now losing them.

Now for the rest of the bad news: Many of these jobs are never coming back.


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