Trump says he wants to reopen America ‘with a big bang’ — and the sooner, the better

Congress cannot deficit-spend us back to productivity - that will take commerce

President Donald J. Trump, joined by Pennsylvania U.S. Senator Pat Toomey, R-Pa., disembarks Air Force One Thursday, March 5, 2020, at Wilkes-Barre Scranton International Airport in Avoca, Pa. (Official White House Photo by Shealah Craighead)

By Tank Murdoch @TheNatSent

(TNS) While he may have been convinced by health advisers to shut down the country due to coronavirus, President Donald Trump has repeatedly demonstrated he wants it open again, and soon.

He said as much again Tuesday evening during an interview with Fox News’ Sean Hannity.

Not only does the president want to reopen America, he wants to do it in a way that is truly…Trumpian.

Bigly, in other words.

“Well, I’d love to open with a big bang, one beautiful country,” Trump said, adding that such a thing “is possible.”

He added:

You know, there are some areas that are not affected very much and there are other areas like New York and New Jersey that have a tremendous impact. Louisiana, great state and it’s incredible. They came in late because, you know, they were doing great and then all of a sudden, it just sprung up.

You look at parts of Michigan and Detroit has been hit very hard. So there are some places that are hit very hard and other places have not been hit very hard, frankly — I mean, by comparison, very little.

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And so we’re looking at two concepts, we are looking at the concept we open up sections, and we’re also looking at the concept where you open up everything. And I think New York is getting ready, if not already, but getting ready to peak. And once it peaks, it’ll start coming down and it’s going to come down fast.

The president also said the many outlandishly inflated forecasts of death and mayhem revealed in the early coronavirus models have not materialized (and they’re not going to, either).

“And we’re way under, and we hope to keep it that way, in terms of death,” he said.

Trump admitted that closing the country was “a big step,” since “we had the greatest economy in the history of our country, and then all of a sudden, they come in, say, Sir, you’re going to have to close it. We have this incredibly dangerous — they point to 1917, 1918 where from 75 to 100 million people were killed. That was the worst ever.”

Again….didn’t happen and isn’t going to. Still…

“But if we didn’t do anything with this, if we did what some people wanted to do, we could have very, very tremendous numbers,” the president said.

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Trump told Hannity he has “some great people” looking at ways to get the economy going again:

We have to get our country open again. This wasn’t designed to have this. You crack it – you crack it in half, it’s no good. And we’ll be open again much sooner rather than later.

And we are going to be coming up with some ideas in the very near future, probably putting them out to the public, putting them out, but, you know, we’re going through April — as you know, April 30th, and we are going to make a decision from there. …

So I think we are reaching a level of where it’s going to start coming down, where it’s going to start sloping down. 

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The good thing is that the number of beds needed, I think we were right about that. I was right, my group was right. They’re not needing nearly as many beds as they thought, they’re not needing as many ventilators as they thought.

Of course, President Trump didn’t really ‘shut down’ the country, he only recommended it. The vast majority of our economy has been ‘shut down’ by governors and mayors, so the question becomes: Will they act on the president’s future recommendations to open back up or will they cave to pressure from Left-wing media to keep their states and cities closed for business?

The latter will happen so long as Congress continues to shove money at them that we don’t have while calling it ‘recovery.’

Government deficit spending cannot revive our economy; only commerce can do that.


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Start hanging the traitorous mayors, judges, governors, and police chiefs. Go for it, President Trump. Show the other traitors what happen when they try and ruin America.


Deficit spending ???
Too late.
2.2 trillion down the crapper.
Just pay the interest on the credit card.
Everything will be ‘OK’.


Let the money flow! MAGA / AMERICA FIRST — FOREVER!

Nabi Rasch
Nabi Rasch

Catch 22. Classic.

New York and Caligulafornia Need to Quit Lying

with Covid ‘deaths’ or else lose their precious electoral college points.
It is census time…what’s it going to be NY/Califagornia ? Are you Dead or Alive ? 10,000 per day ? uh huh, yeah right
…cant be both.

New York Caligulafornia Uh Sorry Gangbang...

…and drug overdose casualties don’t count as Covid fatalities.
Will anyone be surprised when the 10,000 dead per day in NewYork and Faglifornia all of the sudden, come out to get ballot harvested in November to steal the election ?
uh NO !…but the theft and treason need to be squelched and buried before the treason ball gets rolling by Schiff and Maxine and Piss/Piglosi.

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