Coward sucker-punches NYPD officer from behind, then runs as street crowd cheers him on (Video)

Society continues to break down in Bill de Blasio's city

By Tank Murdoch @TheNatSent

(TNS) Being a cop in New York City has never been a cakewalk, but it sure has gotten a lot harder in recent years under the cop-hating regime of Mayor Bill de Blasio.

Brazen disrespect for officers is becoming the norm again after years of decline under the administrations of Rudy Giuliani and even Micheal Bloomberg.

Attacks on officers are becoming more common as street thugs and hoodlum wannabes alike take their swings at officers who are simply trying to do their jobs and keep a disease-ridden city intact.

Another senseless attack by a coward who sucker-punched a cop from behind while wearing a surgical mask was caught on video, as reported by the New York Post:

A man wearing a medical face mask was caught on camera sucker-punching an NYPD officer in the Bronx Tuesday night as the cop’s partner was subduing a robbery suspect.

Nelson Jimenez, 31, launched his attack in front of a crowd of bystanders who had gathered on a sidewalk near 183rd Street and Davidson Avenue in University Heights to watch the arrest of 27-year-old robbery suspect Yoemdy Castro, law enforcement sources said.

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One cop in the video can be seen holding Castro to the ground, while another stands nearby.

During the episode, Jimenez walks behind the standing officer, then socks him in the head, knocking off his winter cap…

The officer who was struck immediately turns around and fires his Taser, but it’s unclear if it struck Jimenez.

The officer began a foot pursuit of Jimenez, and as the video below indicates, the suspect was being cheered on by others who seem to think that anarchy in the streets of the country’s biggest city is preferable to self-destructive, life-ending chaos and anarchy.

The Post noted further:

Officers later caught and arrested Jimenez in a nearby bodega, law enforcement sources said. Charges against him are pending.

A second cop who responded to the fracas was also punched in the head in an off-camera incident, according to sources.

The suspect in that assault, Brandee Isom, 25, was arrested and charged with assault and obstructing governmental administration, sources said.

Officers know what’s going on. They have seen a transition in their city from bad to worse under the ‘leadership’ of a pinhead socialist who has raised his black son to fear the cops.

But then, New Yorkers continue to elect said pinheads, so these rising levels of disorder, chaos, and near-anarchy are on them.


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The cops need to riot. Things would change real quick.
Ignore their oil drilling mayor, de Blasio, and take back the streets of that above ground sewer known as New York.

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Way To Go NFL

You have cop’s blood on your hands.

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