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By Tank Murdoch @TheNatSent

(TNS) The co-founder of The Home Depot chain blasted Democrats and Congress in general for wasting time trying to impeach President Donald Trump instead of focusing their attention on the emerging coronavirus pandemic.

During a Monday appearance on Fox Business Network’s “Mornings with Maria,” Home Depot co-founder Bernie Marcus said Congress had better things to do — and should have been doing them — than trying to depose a duly-elected president.

“I think that look, this president has been hit with something that no president has ever had to deal with. I just resent the people that are going after him now,” Marcus said. “They are already talking about another impeachment. I hate to tell you that, that Adam Schiff is already investigating this.”

Schiff, California Democrat and one of the most grotesque Left-wing partisans in Congress, is chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, the one congressional panel best-suited to have taken the lead on investigating the origins and severity of the coronavirus.

Instead, fellow California grotesque partisan House Speaker Nancy Pelosi allowed Schiff to turn the intelligence committee into the impeachment committee in an unprecedented abuse of power.

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Bartiromo said:

You are hitting on something that is really important because, for three years, Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff were looking for ghosts of Russia collusion. In doing so in terms of getting the country all crazy over the potential of collusion between the president and the Russians, they completely missed the bigger, much more dangerous actor, and that is China.

China has been eating our lunch. We’ve got all this stuff produced in China that we need right now, including our active ingredients from prescription drugs.

So now they want to do another investigative process of this president and yet throughout the Ukraine impeachment trial as well as the Russian collusion for three years all that time they missed so much that actually impacted Americans.

Most importantly, in my view, is China. That is the story of the day. They are continuing to eat our lunch, and downplay this virus from the get-go.

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“I could tell you this; this whole country was tied up for two and a half months on the impeachment. Nobody in Congress was doing what they had to do. Their eyes were not on where it should have been,” Marcus responded.

“They should have been investigating what was happening with this pandemic had started in China. They were not aware of it because so they were so focused — The New York Times, and The Washington Post and everybody else was so focused on the impeachment, and you know, I think that everybody including the president, his eyes were focused on it also,” he continued.

“I think that we lost sight of what was really happening around the corner, now it caught up with us,” he added.


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