By Jon Dougherty @TheNatSent

(TNS) Fox News host Tucker Carlson opened his Thursday evening program with a dire warning: We’re relying too much on health experts to manage the coronavirus.

Carlson, you may recall, was one of the first to warn about the overall dangers of COVID-19. He warned Americans very early on that we shouldn’t take the virus lightly, that we shouldn’t deny its lethality, and that we ought to be careful just dismissing it as a threat.

It is all of that, no question about it, as evidenced by the growing numbers of sick and dying.

But clearly, the virus is not affecting the entire country equally. And based on what we’ve see thus far of the spread, it isn’t likely to do that.

Again, it isn’t likely to do that, which doesn’t mean it can’t do that.

Still, something Dr. Anthony Fauci said this week bothers the inciteful host — and it bothered us, as well.

Fauci, admittedly the country’s leading infectious disease expert, said that we ought to keep our cities and our states ‘shut down’ indefinitely — until there are no new cases of coronavirus.

At the moment, Carlson said, it seems as if the most “reactive, emotionally incontinent people have the loudest megaphones.” And while that includes Democrats and most of the statist media, it also includes experts like Dr. Fauci.

“How long will that be?” Carlson asked, clearly shocked. “Almost nobody thought to ask. ‘We’ve got to beat this disease, details are irrelevant, cost is no object.’ That’s the feeling in Washington right now and certainly in the press corps that covers it.”

And mind you, this comes a day before new jobless figures showed 10 million Americans are now out of work in just two short weeks thanks to virus-related business closures ordered by governors and mayors.

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Clearly, there are a number of Democrats who continue to back a limitless national shutdown.

Here’s Dr. Fauci again:

Notice he says he doesn’t “want to get into” the question of whether President Trump even has the constitutional authority to order a nationwide shutdown, right before adding that one is needed.

Notice, too, that the states highlighted by this little-watched garbage network called CNN do not have a major outbreak problem (I live in one of them so I can attest to that fact). Nor are they expected to.

This business that only Washington, D.C. can solve this problem is fantasy. What is the last national problem you can remember that ‘Washington’ solved?

Governors and mayors acting on their own, using their unique situations as their guide, are far better suited to respond to coronavirus. In nearly every state highlighted in the above report, governors and mayors have adapted their policies to their situations on the ground. So the notion that they somehow aren’t ‘paying attention’ to what’s going on or that they’ve not been ‘responsive’ to the virus’ spread is fantasy.

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And, as Carlson noted, “But details are always relevant, and there’s always a limit to what we can pay. That’s always true. Decisions we make today will echo for decades.”

“They could radically change the future of this country. We need to try harder to keep perspective and to remain persistently open-minded in the face of this.”

Absolutely. Because it just isn’t feasible to continue locking down our economy. It’s not sustainable.

It should continue to be done where the outbreak is raging, granted. But shouldn’t responsible leaders also consider reopening portions of their states if the risk of doing so is minimal?

That’s all Carlson is arguing for.

“What would’ve happened, for example, if we’d adopted a more conventional response to this epidemic?” Carlson asked. “What if we’d asked the elderly and immunocompromised and anyone else facing statically higher rates of risk to stay inside, cloistered away. And then at the same time allowed the rest of the population to use informed common sense and continue to work? What if we’d done that a month ago? Would the death rate today be much higher than it is now? Maybe, maybe not.”

“We don’t know. But it’s clearly a conversation we should have had before we locked the entire country down and put 10 million people out of work. But we didn’t have that conversation. Instead, we outsourced that decision to public health officials, and that’s a strange irony of the moment we’re living through,” he continued.

And let’s be real: The 10 million figure is just a starting point. We haven’t even begun to see the sum effects of these lockdown decisions.

And here’s another thought. Do you recall the one thing Democrats and their unhinged Leftist masters knew they would have to do in order to have a snowball’s chance in Hades to take down President Trump?

Destroy his economy. As much of it as possible.

Never let a good crisis go to waste.

We’re not saying that Dr. Fauci has an ‘agenda.’ What we — and Carlson — argue is that we’ve got to find a balance to coronavirus policy. And right now, we don’t have it.


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