China now emerging as a 2020 campaign issue, and frankly, it SHOULD, because it’ll hurt Biden

“China poisoned our people. President Trump has the courage to call it what it is"

By Tank Murdoch @TheNatSent

(TNS) A new survey from Rasmussen Reports indicates that a growing number of voters are perturbed at Communist China over the Wuhan coronavirus and are increasingly likely to see it as a 2020 campaign issue.

That will play to President Donald Trump very well; Joe Biden, not so much.

According to Rasmussen, 47 percent of voters are holding China directly responsible for the virus that has many of them locked down — after sickening 250,000+ and killing more than 5,700 (as of this count).

Frankly, if our ‘mainstream media’ wasn’t so ghastly, that figure would be closer to 100 percent. But because ‘China virus’ is ‘racist’ and “Orange Man Bad,” not nearly enough of us our outraged by what China unleashed on the world.

But that’s about to change.

According to the Washington Examiner, China is emerging as a major 2020 campaign issue, as evidenced by the fact that some GOP candidates and lawmakers are already making it one:

China and its initial cover-up of the coronavirus are threatening to become a key 2020 political issue with several lawmakers lining up to push boycotts and other punishments in Congress.

And now, it has debuted on the campaign trail in Texas in a pointed ad that accuses the communist government of being a “criminal enterprise.”

Kathaleen Wall, in a May 26 runoff for the seat in Sugarland, has begun airing an ad that accuses China of inflicting the virus on the world and calling for a broad punishment of the country.

“China knew about this virus, and they lied about it. Now, innocent Americans are dying. China must be held accountable,” she said in a statement releasing the ad, where she also promises to back the president’s actions against China.

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“China poisoned our people. President Trump has the courage to call it what it is,” the ad says as it shows what looks like missiles of “Chinese virus” into the United States.

It adds: “Wall will cut off trade, aid, & support to China. Fight to replace ‘Made in China’ with ‘Made in America.’ And stand with President Trump to face down the Chinese threat. China is a criminal enterprise masquerading as a sovereign nation. It’s time to fight back.”

She’s not alone. Over the past week, a number of U.S. lawmakers — mostly Republicans — have called for China to be held responsible.

Florida Sen. Rick Scott told Larry O’Connor in the Washington Examiner’s Examining Politics podcast, “First off, if you ever buy anything made in China, you should say to yourself, ‘You are supporting a government that intentionally misled us, and American citizens died.’ Why would we ever do that?”

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“We should try to never buy one product ever built in China,” he added.

Now, this anti-China sentiment, which is sure to grow over the next few months as the pandemic leads into the campaign season for real, isn’t going to play well for Biden.

That’s because he’s got ‘ties’ to the Asian nation that involve his son, Hunter — he of Ukraine fame — that aren’t going away and will be mentioned by the president, you can bet on that (as well as us).

This will bring you up to speed:

“Joe China.” Remember that.


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China Created the Virus - And Dems Helped
China Created the Virus - And Dems Helped

All those with Impeachment Pens hold your hand up.

3 Time Brain Surgery Biden Has This Advice..
3 Time Brain Surgery Biden Has This Advice..

” I wouldn’t have done that… I would have, uh, done something else…what exactly ? uh, you know, the thing ”

…” and, I would have uh, fore! score and all truths to be et cetera and all that “

robert weston
robert weston

Biden’s done.

Where’s Bernie?

Time for a White Knight.


It should not be a problem to link Sleepy Joe and his crack head son, Hunter to the Chinese corruption. We know that under a Sleepy Joe admin. the Chinese would fuck us over beyond belief.

Joe likes the Chinese because they made his family rich. He sell out America like any good Democrat would do. The Chinese use Joe like a blow up sex doll.

T Fwimbling
T Fwimbling

The Bribery statute covers bribes paid to family members, such as Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden, and other close associates. The value of a $1.5 billion loan at favorable rates and under favorable terms, from the Chinese government, can be assumed to be at least 4%, which is $60 million.
The FBI gets interested in cases starting at about $80000. Therefore it’s tough to call a $60 million bribe minor.
This doesn’t even include the $1.5 million “lobbying” fee allegedly paid to Joe Biden by Ukrainian oligarchs with other than pristine reputations.

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