Rush: ‘My foreboding thought’ on current virus shutdown of USA is ‘it’s not sustainable’

'So you have the medical reality and then you have the economic reality. This can’t go on...'

By Tank Murdoch @TheNatSent

(TNS) Anyone who has listened to conservative talk show legend Rush Limbaugh for any length of time knows that he is an eternal optimist.

Though he often touts himself as “the mayor of Realville,” he also seldom waivers in his belief that America is the greatest nation on the planet and that no matter the situation, we can handle it and come out looking like champs on the back end.

But Rush, who is battling stage four cancer, did not open his program Tuesday on a positive note. In fact, his mood was very uncharacteristic.

The subject, as it so often is these days, was ‘coronavirus’ and, more to the point, the outbreak’s effect on our country thus far.

“I have an overriding sense of foreboding here, folks. I’m really in a dilemma as to how much of what I really think do I share with you. Some of it I can’t. I’d be run out of this studio if I were to tell you some of what I think. And I’m talking about in terms of what needs to be done, not the circumstance that we’re in, but the solution, because the overriding sense of foreboding I have is that this cannot go on,” he began.

Again, this is not the Rush Limbaugh we’re all used to hearing.

He did note that yes, he believes America and Americans will recover from the massive economic hit we’ve taken in lieu of governors and mayors shutting down our states and cities and encouraging — or threatening — people to stay at home.

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But at what cost between now and then? What will a recovery actually look like? And how will we get there?

Rush noted:

This just can’t go on. We cannot go on like this for months. We are going to destroy the country or the economy, however you want to look at it. The favorite word of Millennials is “sustainable.” Well, this isn’t sustainable. And we, as a society, down the road are going to be faced with some really, really serious questions that we cannot avoid. The longer we go, the more unavoidable answering some of these questions is. I don’t mean to be speaking cryptically. I’m doing something that’s somewhat uncharacteristic for me. I’m speaking safely here. I may dance around this, but this just can’t go on like this.

You know, somebody called me yesterday, “Rush, what do you think the recovery will look like?” And I kind of blew the answer.

I said it’s gonna roar back. Wait a minute. That’s not true because it’s gonna take what to roar back? It’s gonna take money. It’s gonna require people having money to roar back. And the longer this goes, the less people, the fewer people are going to have any money to ignite the economy. Now, there will be stimulus impact, no doubt about that. There will be a recovery, don’t misunderstand. But the guy wanted to know, is it gonna be massive all at once, and I said, no, it won’t be that. It will be phased simply because even if that magical day comes where somebody says — who is it gonna be? Who is going to say, “Okay, folks, go back to work”? Well, the president might or might it be Dr. Fauci. But whoever says it are people gonna go, “All right!” And leave. Or are they still gonna be a little trepidatious?

Because all of this, all of this is based on one thing that we don’t have. We don’t have a vaccine for this. We don’t have a vaccine, and until we get a vaccine — like I was just listening to Governor Cuomo here, he was giving his daily briefing to the people of New York. And he said that when we finally get a test, when we get a widespread, quick test to determine who’s got coronavirus and who doesn’t, that will determine when people go back to work. Well, that would be great, but I don’t know if that’s true.

Rush seems to be raising a lot of the same questions we have raised recently regarding these shutdowns of our cities and our businesses and our economy: What will it take to end the shutdowns?

Jon Dougherty wrote March 22:

What has to happen before the lockdown orders will be rescinded? A downward trend in infection rates? Or will the orders remain in effect until there are no new infections — because as long as even one American is infected, there is a danger that others will become infected too…right?

Americans will go along with these orders for a while, but not “indefinitely.” While most people understand the intent behind the lockdowns, they still have to make a living and they won’t tolerate being slowly starved to death by governors and elected legislatures that are still getting paid and still eating.

And as Rush noted, we aren’t going to have a vaccine for some time now. Even when we get one, it’s liable to be only so effective, like flu vaccines which also ward off viruses (50-70 percent effective). What’s more, we may tamp down coronavirus this summer but it may appear next fall again, as Dr. Anthony Fauci is warning.

No wonder our national eternal optimist is concerned.

So you have the medical reality and then you have the economic reality. This can’t go on. I mean, how many people want to see the United States economy destroyed? I doubt very many. But then what is gonna be required to prevent that from happening? People going back to work. It’s gonna be things reopening without a vaccine. What’s that expose people to? It’s a serious, serious question. - Rush


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John Acord
John Acord

This CCP Virus was DELIBERATELY created and released and the disinformation and propaganda follow-up by the ChiComs is simply an extension of the first attack. Faulty medical supplies are like sending faulty weapons to an army you intend to defeat. It makes the first attack and the follow-up more successful. The ChiCom object is to destroy us. We need to understand that it is their sole objective. Our response to this existential threat has been a complete failure.

Judy Abbott
Judy Abbott

We are either going back to work or there will be riots when people can no longer get what they need to go on living a decent life.


There are at least 4 proven treatments that work. The FDA will not allow any of them. Doctors will not take the chance to give any of them. This virus can be put down tomorrow if these treatments get used. Shout this to the leaders in charge. We need to change this.


At some point much more life would be lost from economic damage vs virus mortality risk.

Rush: ‘My foreboding thought’ on current virus shutdown of USA is ‘it’s not sustainable’ - Sollex Report

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