By Jon Dougherty @TheNatSent

(TNS) Question: How do you get to be a Pulitzer Prize-winning economist and politico when you’re so spectacularly wrong about everything you’re supposed to know?

Answer: The prizes are awarded by like-minded Leftists who all belong to the same cabal of self-congratulatory elitists.

That helps explain why New York Times ‘economist’ Paul Krugman is a Pulitzer winner, despite being wrong about nearly everything. His political Leftism clouds his judgment, which has been greatly compounded in the Age of President Trump.

On Sunday, Krugman took to Twitter to claim that the United States’ response to the coronavirus outbreak has been the “worst” in the world.

Why has our President Trump’s response been so bad? Well, because, according to Krugman, America is just bad, period.

Uh-huh. And yet, so many people around the world want to come to this crappy, third-world, cauldron of hatred and racism.

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But enough of that. Truth is, Krugman’s just plain wrong again — about everything (his figures and his anti-American attitude).

We are nowhere near the top in terms of ‘worst COVID-19 response ever.’ As for deaths from coronavirus, Italy has fared far worse, and as for China, the Communist government lies about everything, including the virus’ outbreak, which originated there.

Also, Krugman is supposed to be an Ivy League-educated economist; why does he not understand “per capita” measurements? America is suffering 6.3 deaths per million residents; far lower than other countries (like Iran, Italy, Spain, etc.)

But of course, Krugman isn’t trying to be accurate. He’s trying to be a hack because it’s all about dumping on President Trump, day in, day out.


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