By Jon Dougherty @TheNatSent

(TNS) Leave it to the statist Left-wing media to use a crisis in order to advance its agenda of creating a ‘socialist utopia’ in the most capitalist country on the planet.

As readers know, Congress passed and President Donald Trump signed a massive $2 trillion coronavirus relief measure on Friday after much posturing.

The bill provides funding for just about everything, but a large portion of it will go to the neediest Americans whose lives have been disrupted by the outbreak.

Such payments, of course, have led rise to the narrative that now, suddenly, ‘we’re all socialists!’

A Saturday report by Reuters is indicative:

It may, as House Majority Leader and Maryland Democrat Steny Hoyer said on Friday, be out of love that the United States agreed to shut down much of its economy to stop a viral epidemic and save lives.

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It may, as Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said, be out of necessity that the federal government agreed to foot the bill.

Whatever the motivation, in the scope of two frantic weeks, U.S. elected officials and central bankers have engineered an economic intervention unparalleled outside of wartime.

All in it would supplant perhaps 30% of gross domestic product with government spending and loans, drive the federal deficit as high as needed to make that happen, and broaden U.S. social spending in ways that just a few weeks ago Republicans and President Donald Trump were branding as “socialist.”

Full-on government support of the economy is socialism or something worse, but that’s not at all what the relief measure is.

Reuters goes on to add this nugget:

Ten of millions will likely face at least a short spell of unemployment – not because business conditions became soft, but because they became dangerous. Epidemiologists have warned that every human interaction increases the risk that the coronavirus spreads uncontrolled.

First, we don’t know the extent of the virus’ contagion, so though some epidemiologists have certainly offered their opinion, there is no consensus yet.

Secondly, here’s what we do know: The virus causes only mild symptoms in the vast majority of people infected by it, and recovery rates are far higher than death rates by factors of thousands.

Finally, this begs a question: If 3.3 million Americans have been forced to apply for unemployment benefits because their jobs were taken away from them by direct government actions — lockdowns and mandatory business closures that even President Trump suggested — doesn’t ‘government’ have a responsibility to make amends and mitigate losses it imposed?

The answer, of course, is yes.

Besides, this bill is a one-time payout. It’s not a shifting of our economic model. Trust us, when this panic is over capitalism will again reign supreme in the land where it was invented.

Businesses will boom again. Jobs will flourish. The markets will rise. And this nonsense of becoming ‘socialist’ will fade into obscurity as just another Left-wing lie by a state-aligned media destined to destroy an economic system that, bizarrely, keeps them afloat.


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