What’s the point? Sen. Hawley calls for ‘international probe’ into China’s COVID-19 ‘cover-up’ when we all know what happened

The country needs a serious plan moving forward

By Jon Dougherty @JonDougherty10

(TNS) Freshman GOP Sen. Josh Hawley of Missouri wants the international community to investigate whether China covered up the outbreak and early spread of the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19).

On Tuesday, Hawley introduced a resolution which spells out how Beijing attempted to hide the discovery of the virus while then calling for a probe into how the Communist Party leadership handled the outbreak prior to March 11, 2020.

The resolution also seeks to discover how China’s actions contributed to the emergency of a global pandemic while calling on China to pay back every country affected by the outbreak.

As Breitbart News reports, Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-NY) introduced a companion bill in the House.

“Proud to partner w/ @EliseStefanik @RepStefanik to introduce this bicameral resolution calling for #China to compensate USA and all affected countries for the harm & destruction the Communist Party unleashed w/ their lies & deception about #coronavirus,” Hawley tweeted.

“Since day one, the Chinese Communist Party intentionally lied to the world about the origin of this pandemic,” Stefanik, (R-N.Y.), said in a statement.

“The CCP was aware of the reality of the virus as early as December but ordered laboratories to destroy samples and forced doctors to keep silent. It is time for an international investigation into the role their cover-up played in the spread of this devastating pandemic. The CCP must be held to account for what the world is now suffering,” she continued.

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“The Communist government of China knowingly withheld critical information needed to combat the spread of the Chinese-born COVID-19 and to this day continues to spread lies and disinformation on the origin of the deadly virus,” the New York Republican added.

“There is no doubt that China’s unconscionable decision to orchestrate an elaborate coverup of the wide-ranging and deadly implications of coronavirus led to the death of thousands of people, including hundreds of Americans and climbing,” she noted further.

“This Resolution calls for China to provide compensation for the harm, loss, and destruction their arrogance brought upon the rest of the world. Simply put – China must, and will, be held accountable.”

Look, Hawley is from Missouri — my home state — and I love the work he’s doing on our behalf and on behalf of advancing conservative principles. Ditto for Stefanik.

But this resolution has about as much of a chance at successfully forcing the Chinese to repay the world for their c-virus treachery as getting Bernie Sanders to admit that socialism is an epic fail. Not going to happen.

We couldn’t even stop the Chinese from building and arming manmade islands in the South China Sea; and yet somehow we’re going to force them to cough up trillions of dollars to repay the globe for COVID-19?

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This isn’t post-World War I, when we forced Germany to pay reparations for its destruction of Europe.

And besides, everyone knows where the virus came from and that China intentionally covered up the spread because that’s what authoritarian regimes do.

So the point is, let’s stop proposing pointless nonsense and get to the business of crafting a new economic and foreign policy that punishes the Chinese.

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First and foremost, the Trump administration and Congress ought to develop plans to encourage U.S. industries to relocate out of China. Second, the president should simply reimpose tariffs on Beijing and we can recoup our expenses that way, over time.

We could use some of the stimulus money to compensate farmers for lost income to China while they search for and find new markets for their crops. And we should encourage investment in China’s neighbors instead.

The country needs a serious plan moving forward. It’s obvious the Chinese are not going to abide by international rules of conduct expected of first-world countries, so they have to be forced into doing so.

Passing resolutions like the one being proposed isn’t going to do it.


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If nothing else this resolution would keep the spotlight on the assholes in China that failed and/or ignored containing the virus when their outbreak first occured.
I agree on trying to recoup our losses from China through reparations. They would simply tell us to go F ourselves.
What to do then ? Rekindle manufacturing on American
soil ? What chased our jobs over there in the first place is still in play here. Punishing taxes, greedy unions and overly burdensome regulations.


It would be better to have an investigation into how the Chicoms got the bioweapon in the first place. It is rumored that it came from a bioweapon lab at UNC and was sold to the Chicoms via the Bidens with the approval of then President Obama.

There was also a pandemic research project going at LANL that was cancelled by the WHouse in 2017. Can that be researched for accuracy?

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