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By Tank Murdoch @TheNatSent

(TNS) You would have thought that the second Joe Biden jumped into the 2020 Democratic primary race the president he served under, loyally, for eight years would have immediately offered his unqualified support.

But no.

Barack Obama has been AWOL when it comes to offering public support for his former vice president.

And, honestly, after watching Biden campaign for a few months, it became clear why Obama was steering clear of Mr. Gaffetastic.

Still, shouldn’t Obama have demonstrated some semblance of loyalty to his ol’ running mate? And since he didn’t, why in the world would Joe Biden care what Obama thinks when it comes to a 2020 running mate for the former VP?

And yet, it appears as though Biden has consulted his former president over that very thing, according to the New York Post:

Presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden says he will begin his search for a running mate “in a matter of weeks” — and later admitted that he had spoken to former President Barack Obama about his potential picks.

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Speaking to donors on a Sunday night call, the former vice president said he would be choosing from a group “in excess of six or seven people” and that the vetting process will be getting started “relatively soon.”

Biden is transitioning from a primary campaign to a general election campaign, weeks after sweeping most Super Tuesday states and every state contest following that.

“The reason why it worked for Barack and me so well is we agreed substantively on every major issue. We disagreed on some tactical ways to approach the issues,” Biden said on the call.

“So it’s going to be important that whomever I pick is completely comfortable with my policy prescriptions as to how we move forward. Doesn’t mean I don’t want, as Barack asked for, someone questioning me, challenging me, I do want that.”

The Post added:

The former VP revealed that he had spoken to Obama about choosing a running mate, adding that they discussed the importance of that person being prepared to be president if something were to happen to him.

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Obama won’t even endorse Biden’s campaign but ol Joe goes to Obama for VP advice?

But of course. Now it makes sense.

Biden turned to Obama to see who the former president actually wants running the country, since he knows his former VP, um, doesn’t have the mind for it these days.

So there have it: A Biden presidency will really just be a continuance of Obama’s two terms of economic malaise, expensive healthcare, apologizing to potential adversaries, and empowering terrorist regimes.