By Tank Murdoch

(TNS) President Donald Trump’s daily coronavirus press conferences have become invaluable to Americans hungry for news regarding the still-emerging outbreak.

In between the “gotcha” questions and preening moments of self-promotion from media hacks laser-focused on the president’s description of COVID-19 as the “China virus,” there are nuggets of useful information regarding the virus’ spread, what the government’s doing about it, and what we can expect in the days and weeks ahead.

But throughout it all, President Trump has maintained an air of confidence about our future: We will beat back the spread, life will return to normal at some point, and the vast majority of Americans will see better days ahead.

Just like we overcame past plagues and viruses like the swine flu, the bird flu, SARS, etc.

However, all of that positivity is really bugging MSNBC loon Rachel Maddow.

Now mind you, Maddow — like most of her ilk in the Left-wing “mainstream” media — have been predicting the “Trumpocalypse” end of ‘Merica as we know it for three long, draining, shriek-filled years.

None of this doom and gloom has come to pass. In fact, before coronavirus led to widespread shut-downs of our country, we were doing very well under this president. And we will again.

But no. That kind of upbeat positivity is not only bad for our country, but it’s completely wrong too!

Or so says “The Maddow.”

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“President Trump today was just flat-out wrong in public about this malaria drug that has gotten stuck in his mind! Quite some distance from the facts,” she claimed on Friday as the president touted three separate scientific studies, as well as field trials, involving a commonly-used anti-malaria drug that showed promise in treating COVID-19 patients.

The president did express confidence in the drug, sure. But he also said that more testing and research was needed to confirm its effectiveness. Nothing wrong with that.

Unless you’re Rachel Maddow or some other hack Leftist with a microphone who hates every breath the president takes.

“The president loves saying things like, you know, ‘There’s a drug we’ve got and it’s very effective. It’s approved already! Everybody’s gonna get it,'” Maddow said on her Friday evening program.

“He loves saying things like that because that would be a lovely thing to be able to tell people. Unless of course, that’s not true, in which case telling people a fairytale-like that is cruel and harmful and needlessly diverting and wildly irresponsible from anyone in any leadership role,” she blathered on.

“It’s actually wildly irresponsible if somebody said that to you from a bar stool. But to get that from somebody at the presidential podium? Nevertheless, he keeps doing it!”

Right. That’s what President Trump should be telling Americans: ‘Hey, you’ve got no chance here to live! No chance! Sorry!’

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So, translated, Maddow and her media cohorts are ticked off because we have a president who is confident not only in his abilities but in our country’s ability to eventually conquer coronavirus or, at least, make peace with it.

And they want him to dispense with all this needless positivity now, or by golly, he ought to be thrown off the air.

She continued:

I feel like we should innoculate ourselves against the harmful impact of these ongoing false promises and false statements by the president by recognizing that when he is talking about the coronavirus epidemic, more often than not, he is lying.

Even when he’s talking about what he has done or what he will do, he is consistently lying and giving you happy talk that is stuff that the federal government isn’t actually doing. And it’s making people around the country count on the fact that the federal government is doing that stuff when they’re not.

The sooner we come to terms with that, I think the better for all of us. If it were up to me, and it’s not, I would stop putting those briefings on live TV. Not out of spite but because it’s misinformation.

If the president does end up saying anything true, you can run it as tape but if he keeps lying like this every day on stuff this important, all of us should stop broadcasting it. Honestly, it’s gonna cost lives.

We don’t know for certain, but we’re pretty sure of a couple things here:

— President Trump’s job isn’t to incite panic — which would lead to widespread anarchy and violence — but to remain calm, cool, and collected under during an emergency and reassure us with information and a can-do attitude, like every president before him during similar or worse crises;

— President Trump is privy to a helluva lot more intelligence and information in any given 5-minute period of any given day regarding the coronavirus outbreak than Rachel Maddow in any given 365-day period.

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Probably the dumbest thing Trump could do right now would be to use his daily virus pressers to heap doom and gloom on the country instead of using them to relay information and try to keep everyone calm and the response to the virus in perspective.

As for Maddow’s suggestion, we have a better idea: Maybe MSNBC should pull her off the air. Because when it comes to reporting on Trump and his administration, she’s consistently been wrong, wrong, wrong.



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