By Tank Murdoch

(TNS) So, in times of stress it’s always best to find a way to laugh a little bit, right?

We think so, and right now, Americans could sure use a break from all the negative coronavirus news.

That doesn’t mean we’re trivializing what’s going on, mind you. It’s a serious thing, we get that.

It just means that lightening the load, so to speak, can be therapeutic at times.

Our friends at fitness apparel company Survival Legion share the same philosophy.

The two veterans who own the little start-up have put together a video that they hope will bring a smile to readers’ faces and give everyone just a little break from the daily coronavirus news cycle, which admittedly can be pretty damned depressing.

Enjoy. And if you have a few bucks left after taking care of yourselves and your families first, think about ordering a Survival Legion t-shirt. It’ll be good for you, good for them, and good for the economy!

[videopress Qn8gzu3v]

Check out their sales page: Click here



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