Too stupid for words: CATO ‘scholar’ calls for BOOSTING immigration during COVID-19 outbreak

This guy is so far out of touch with most Americans

By Jon Dougherty

(TNS) As President Trump implements travel bans and a growing number of states advise or impose travel restrictions to limit the spread of coronavirus, here comes a brainiac from the open-borders CATO Institution arguing for more immigration.

David Bier, an immigration policy analyst at the Libertarian think tank, is calling for more legal immigration at a time when the last thing America (and every other country) needs is in influx of people.

“President Trump initially kept reasonable travel restrictions to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, but with the virus spreading inside the United States, he is already shifting from minimizing its threat — his first instinct — to use it to justify restrictive immigration policies that he wanted anyway,” Bier writes.

“A broader move to general nativism at this time would be disastrous, as so many immigrants are leading the U.S. response to the virus,” he continued.

Bier went onto note in his USA Today column that “eight of the major companies developing treatments and vaccines for the virus are heavily reliant on foreign workers.”

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He added that from “2010 to 2019, we found that the Department of Labor approved the companies developing treatments or vaccines for coronavirus to hire more than 11,000 immigrants and H-1B high skilled foreign workers.

“Without these workers, America’s hope of treating and saving thousands of lives at risk from the coronavirus would greatly diminish,” he added.

Right. Because we’re doomed to die a miserable, hacking death unless we allow thousands of people into the country at a time when global travel is worsening the coronavirus spread, so they can ‘save’ the dumb, unqualified Americans. Genius.

Ultimately, Bier calls for “completely exempting all pharmaceutical researchers and scientists as well as doctors and physicians from the H-1B and green card limits and expediting their processing. It should specifically enact legislation to permit in more foreign doctors to underserved areas—particularly in rural areas.”

Question: Wouldn’t those medical professionals be needed most in their own countries right about now?

Look, few Americans have issues with legal immigrants, though recent polling has indicated that most Americans want less of that as well.

But at a time when the world is battling a pandemic, it is irrational and tone-deaf to push your own open-borders agenda.

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And anyway, as USA Features Media reported Tuesday, a new Harvard poll — yes, Harvard — found that most Americans back Trump’s immigration policies, not CATO’s. And that includes a halt to immigration for now, as long as coronavirus remains an issue:

A new Harvard University poll found that a majority of Americans back President Donald Trump’s recent immigration policy changes that require, among other things, newcomers to be able to support themselves.

In addition to agreeing with allowing Americans to sue sanctuary cities over crimes committed by illegal immigrants, nearly four-in-five voters back an “immigration halt” after the coronavirus outbreak was upgraded to a pandemic…

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CATO is consistently right about a preference for smaller, more responsive government, and consistently wrong on open-borders immigration policy, as this latest foolishness proves.



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You don’t need to travel to see third world blight and Pestilence — open the drapes, look out your window.

Bier, I betcha you’re a open butthole advocate too.


Looks like a Chuck-e-Cheese pedohomo.

Joe Melanoma Brain
Joe Melanoma Brain

uhhh, why can’t these geniuses come up with a cure in their own damned countries ?
..don’t tell me it’s another Joe Biden ” I didn’t cure cancer or Hunter’s crack addiction because I wasn’t president ” excuse.

chris edwards
chris edwards

David Bier is a “globalist” and he is just reading his talking points, like they all do. Then the globalist media publishes it and they work like “the mob”. No surprise here.

chris edwards
chris edwards

David Bier is a “globalist” and he is reading his globalist talking points. Usually the media just goes along with it as they both act like an organized “mob”. It’s just unusual for a journalist to point out what a moron this guy is.

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