By Tank Murdoch

(TNS) Meanwhile, in news not related to Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) — well, not directly  — reports on Sunday noted that U.S. Attorney John Durham, heading a criminal probe into the origins of the 2016 Trump-Russia collusion hoax, is expected to wrap it up by summer.

Or fall. Or summer. Which.

According to Fox News, a “source suggested the investigation could end as soon as July, while another said it could be closer to September, based on Durham’s progress, which could be hindered by the coronavirus pandemic rocking the nation and the globe.”

But Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio), whom we assume is privy to this kind of information, reiterated the summer timeline during a House Rules Committee meeting focused on reform of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act.

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“His investigation is due to be completed sometime this summer,” Jordan said in comments that were first reported by The Washington Examiner.

We’ve been here before, many times. Though the president was obviously abused by a deep state filled with self-serving sycophants and political partisans, we haven’t seen anyone pay for their abuses of the system and the law with their freedom.

Which means, of course, that there yet to be a deterrent put in place to prevent these kinds of abuses in the future.

Rep. Doug Collins (R-Ga.), currently engaged in a bid for the U.S. Senate, told Fox News recently that he expects indictments.

“This is not going to be a Mueller report; there won’t be a report,” he said, pointing out that Durham and his team have been very tight-lipped about their investigation.

That’s true; we certainly have not been inundated with the kind of leaks to the mainstream media that were evidence when the Russian hoax was being pushed.

And we haven’t been treated to wild predictions by conservative cable hosts that ‘their sources tell them’ people are going to be indicted, as were the cases involving James Comey and Andrew McCabe.

But there is also a legal brake known as “statute of limitations,” which have already expired for Hillary Clinton’s massive abuses of the Espionage Act.

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So we’re losing daylight here, so to speak, in this Durham probe as well. If there are going to be indictments, they have to come quickly or the guilty parties involved in our country’s first real coup attempt will also get away scot-free.


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