This makes NO sense: Dem Rep. Pressley calls for releasing prisoners because ‘muh coronavirus’

At least in prison they are 'socially separated' from the virus, right?

By Jon Dougherty

(TNS) Left-wing Democrats are continuing to milk the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) for every last ounce that it’s worth in pushing the most radical parts of their agenda.

Even if what they’re peddling makes absolutely no sense to rational, thinking people.

In a little-watched interview with MSNBC’s Al Sharpton — because Al Sharpton is little-watched — Massachusetts Democratic radical Ayanna Pressley actually called for releasing prisoners early because (wait for it) coronavirus!

In the interview, Pressley said she and other congressional Democrats were lobbying the Bureau of Prisons for “compassionate” releases, which of course suggests that normal releases from prison aren’t compassionate. Or something.

“[W]hen we are talking about our most vulnerable, our low-income residents and those experiencing homelessness, our seniors and that we are also including the incarcerated men and women, who are amongst one of the most vulnerable populations and given the crowding and overpopulating in our prisons for a confluence of other reasons we won’t get into in this interview, Rev., but you are certainly well aware of, are an ecosystem and a petri dish for the spreading of this pandemic, which is why I partnered with my colleagues, Representatives [Nydia] Velázquez, [Alexandria] Ocasio-Cortez and [Rashida] Tlaib, to lobby the Bureau of Prisons to use their full power to communicate guidance for how we will contain and mitigate this epidemic behind the wall.”

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She continued:

Specifically, do they have access to testing? Secondly, has anyone tested positive, and what are the quarantine measures? Again given the overpopulating and the fact that many of these facilities are already subpar and that incarcerated men and women do not have access to soap, to alcohol-based hand sanitizers — and to regular showers, what is the guidance for those incarcerated and for staff?

[cough…cough…BS…cough…federal prisoners are not abused or denied care and are often afforded more rights than she has]

And that the B.O.P. use their full powers, I think now would be the time to commute some sentences, to exact clemency and to take care of our most our vulnerable. Ten percent of those incarcerated are over the age of 60 and already have an underlying condition. We should be using compassionate release.

Well, look, we can’t think of anything dumber than pushing for social separation because of the Wuhan coronavirus on the one hand, then releasing ‘our most vulnerable, aged’ prisoners into the public — where the first thing they will do is exploit their newfound freedom by going places and doing things they’ve been unable to see and do for years.

But hey, this ‘suggestion’ falls right in line with the Democrat Left pushing for ‘criminal justice reforms’ in our biggest cities that are empowering the criminal element by keeping them out of jail for certain levels of previously illegal behavior, eliminating bail, and under-charging serious crimes.

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Does it seem to you like Democrats are using words like “justice” and “compassion” as cover for policies they know will destroy the fabric of our society? Because it sure seems that way to us.


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Horseshit from a fraud squader. Stick it up your masshole, fuckin toad.

BuhBuy BlueWave It Was Brief..and Amusing
BuhBuy BlueWave It Was Brief..and Amusing

makes total sense - She’s a Democrat and Democrats despise the United States.
er, BuhBye BlueWave


It never ceases to amaze me what we’ll elect to our highest legislative body. Shouldn’t we at least have minimum IQ requirements, say 90?

robert weston
robert weston

Let me get this straight. She wants people who might come down with virus to imprison themselves in their homes, and she wants prisoners to be let out of prison because they might get the virus in prison. Right?


It makes perfect sense…she’s an idiot.


Why do Democrats represent criminals and illegal aliens before actual contributing Americans? Why the love affair with criminals?


This gal is totally LOONIE.
Nothing more need be said.

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