President Donald j. Trump and Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar meet with reporters Thursday, March 12, 2020, in the Oval Office of the White House. (Official White House Photo by Shealah Craighead)

By Jon Dougherty

(TNS) Readers know how much we hate conspiracy theories around here, but sometimes we do find ourselves asking poignant questions about events of the day that we haven’t seen anyone else fully address.

This is one of those times.

Thursday was arguably the worst day of President Donald Trump’s tenure. Wall Street tanked again, falling to ~21,000 after days of tanking. Professional and college sports leagues canceled annual events and entire seasons. The “mainstream” media kept up the steady drumbeat of “coronavirus is gonna kill us all” coverage. And Democrats in Congress were critical, unhelpful, propagandists helping to drive the false media narratives.

Coronavirus cases continue to rise, reaching more than 1,800 Friday morning. There have been 41 deaths (and 31 recoveries). What’s a president to do?

This is where it gets a bit conspiratorial.

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Trump himself said earlier this week in response to questions from the same mainstream media hyping the virus as an end-of-the-world event about whether or not he would declare a national emergency that he had a) the authority to do so; and b) the authority to do much more.

“We have things that I can do. We have very strong emergency powers under the Stafford Act,” he said during an Oval Office meeting with the Irish prime minister. “I have it memorized practically as to the powers in that act, and if I need to do something I’ll do it. I have the right to do a lot of things that people don’t even know about.”

The Hill noted:

Asked if he planned to declare a national emergency on Thursday, Trump deflected.

“I don’t want to say that, but you know, at some point,” he said.

Trump can declare a national emergency or a major disaster declaration under the Stafford Act, which would enable the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to mobilize additional resources and funding to fight the coronavirus.

Or not. The president can authorize federal agencies to do extra things in response to the coronavirus without a national emergency declaration.

Anyway, right on cue, here comes The New York Times.

Under the headline, “It’s Time to Declare a National Emergency,” the Times Editorial Board intoned: “The U.S. government needs a coordinated response to the coronavirus on par with its response to the 2008 financial crisis.”

The editorial continued:

As the global financial system teetered on the brink in the fall of 2008, a Republican president and congressional Democrats, recognizing the severity of the crisis, worked together to pass a bailout package for the financial industry that despite its many flaws and compromises helped to prevent a second Great Depression.

The coronavirus pandemic poses a different kind of challenge, threatening the nation’s health as well as its economic prosperity, but it must be met with the same kind of audacious, coherent and coordinated response. …

Declaring a national emergency would make clear that Mr. Trump understands the magnitude of the challenge, and set an example for leaders in the public and private sectors. On a practical level, such a declaration would remove legal barriers to a wide variety of necessary actions, such as the distribution of emergency aid to state and local governments.

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This editorial board is not inclined to grant the president more executive power, given his track record. But this crisis demands such quick action in the interests of the American people that we can only hope he will set his more selfish impulses aside and rise to the moment.

Full stop. There you have it.

The spread of “coronavirus” has not come anywhere close to the spread of swine flu in 2009-2010, when the god king Barack Obama was president. Sixty million Americans were infected – 60 million — and 300,000 were hospitalized.

Yet, Obama never declared swine flu a “national emergency.” And lo and behold, eventually the outbreak died out and the world continued to turn.

Oh, and there was no rash of professional sports leagues canceling their seasons. No rash of Republican governors declaring various states of emergency where they were facing fewer than a couple dozen cases.

There were no bans of public gatherings. There were no quarantine zones.

But with coronavirus, all of these things have occurred. The question we must ask ourselves is…why?

Oh, well, the coronavirus is different, as the Times suggests. It’s much more lethal, much more infectious, much more dangerous.

Than, say, ebola? Because Obama and Democrat governors didn’t shut down anything during that outbreak, either.

The one line in the Times piece about granting Trump ‘more executive powers’ is telling. First of all, it’s intentionally misleading. The Democrat Left has been attempting to paint Trump as some king-like tyrant since he took office, but it’s factually incorrect. This president can’t even issue an executive order based on 1950s immigration legislation without having to defend it in court.

Tyrants don’t go do court. They just rule, and dare you to stop them. That isn’t Trump. Never has been.

But you see where the Times is going with that claim: Say Trump does what the Times editorial board and most of the mainstream media is urging him to do. What then?

Simple. After the president issues the order and begins to act — as the media has pushed him to do – then he fits their description of a “tyrant” who is acting on impulse, on his own authority, and without justification.

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If Trump doesn’t declare one, then the same media propagandists will continue to paint him and his administration as “incompetent,” when the president has actually responded early and well to this manufactured ‘crisis.’

Trump may have some breathing room, however. The Dow Jones shot up 1,100 points on the open this morning, and other indices on Wall Street gained as well. Hopefully the markets will continue to claw back lost ground after Congress and the White House agreed to a ‘spending package’ aimed at ‘addressing the crisis.

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In the meantime, we should all be very wary of whatever it is the “mainstream media” is pushing the president to do. We know these jackals don’t have his best interests at heart, nor that of the country. Their sole purpose in life is destroy him and his presidency, no matter how many lives and fortunes they have to take down with him.

Surely, the president knows this too.

Update:Looks like the president is taking the emergency declaration bait; reports began around 1 p.m. EDT that he planned to make the announcement later this afternoon. We suppose there’s nothing left to do now except see how it goes.


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