By Tank Murdoch

(TNS) If Sen. Bernie Sanders manages to weasel his way into the Oval Office, we’d all better hope that we don’t face another potential pandemic like the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19).

Because if we did, President Sanders would ensure that as many Americans as possible contracted it.

In an interview Monday, Sanders was asked if he would close the U.S. borders to protect Americans from a viral spread, and his answer: “No.”

And why? Well, because, ‘bigotry’ and ‘racism’ and all that bad stuff the Orange Man does.

During a Fox News town hall, Sanders noted further that closing the borders is something “you don’t want to do right now,” because doing so would be in the spirit of a president “who has propagated a xenophobic, anti-immigrant sentiment from before he was elected” — a direct shot across President Trump’s bow.

Recall that one of the first actions Trump took in response to the outbreak was to cut off travel into the U.S. from China, where the virus originated.

And he even won some praise from health experts for that early, quick action. But he’ll obviously get none from Commie Bernie, whose preference would be to keep the gates open so that any infected person from anywhere in the world could get into America and ensure that some mysterious new virus would rapidly spread throughout our country.

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Because Bernie’s no bigot, you see.

So, what’s the alternative? Will Commie Bernie’s ‘containment strategy’ essentially be to ‘invite’ the virus into the United States and ‘capture it’ within the bodies of all Americans, so it doesn’t spread to ‘people who don’t look like us?’

When asked, the Vermont senator could not provide an alternative, saying “What we need to do is have the scientists take a hard look at what we need to do.”

He suggested we first have to examine the communities where the virus is spreading and ask why.

Of course. Why didn’t President Trump and his people think of that?

“It may mean self-quarantine, it may be not having public assemblies,” Sanders told the audience before quickly reiterating his belief that closing the border is “the same old thing.

“Isn’t it interesting that a president who has been demagoguing and demonizing immigrants, the first thing that he could think about is closing down the border?” Sanders asked, suggesting scientists need to develop coronavirus policy — not politicians.

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The last place this man should ever be is in the White House. His health policies alone will get millions of us killed.

But hey, at least we won’t die like ‘bigots.’


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