Frontrunners Emerge for New Vacancy on Influential Appeals Court

“President Trump has done a phenomenal job finding and credentialing a huge bench of potential D.C. Circuit nominees”

By Carmine Sabia,

(TNS) President Donald Trump just keeps winning when it comes to filling vacancies on the nation’s most powerful courts.

Judge Thomas Griffith announced last week that he will be retiring from his position on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit.

He is set to retire two months before the presidential election, in September, giving Trump another win right before the campaign gets heated.

Judge Griffith, who was appointed by former President George W. Bush, was in the news last week when he ruled against Democrats in the House.

They were in court asking for a subpoena to be enforced against former White House counsel Don McGahn.

But he also ruled against President Trump in a case where Democrats were after access to the president’s financial records.

“The frontrunners for the vacancy created by Judge Thomas B. Griffith’s retirement are acting associate attorney general Claire Murray, deputy White House counsel Kate Todd, and U.S. District Judge Justin Walker, according to sources who have worked on judicial confirmations for the Trump administration. Other candidates are also under consideration, and the situation remains fluid,” the Washington Free Beacon reported.

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“Murray is widely seen as a strong contender for the federal bench and commands admiration across the administration. Todd, a former chief counsel for the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Litigation Center, has coordinated the administration’s judicial nominations process since 2018.

“Walker was a professor at the University of Louisville School of Law before his appointment to a Kentucky federal trial court in 2019. The judge is close to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, and his advocacy for Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation is especially appreciated among conservatives,” it said.

Barring a vacancy on the Supreme Court itself this will be the biggest vacancy heading into the presidential election and could prove to be a flashpoint for the campaign.

“Unless there is a Supreme Court vacancy, this will be the most contentious judicial confirmation fight before the November election,” the Article III Project’s Mike Davis said.

“President Trump has done a phenomenal job finding and credentialing a huge bench of potential D.C. Circuit nominees,” he said.

The Democrats will use every trick in the book to attempt to slander whoever President Trump nominated for the position and, when they are ultimately confirmed, they will use every scare tactic in the book to damage them in the court of public opinion.

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Trump and the Republicans will use it as further proof that judicial activists and their radical agenda to remake the laws by using the courts will no longer be tolerated.

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And with this new vacancy the D.C. Court should be conservative for another generation.

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