MAGA squared: Trump smashed turnout records for incumbent presidents on Super Tuesday

There is no question Trump is generating far more voter enthusiasm than Commie Bernie or Quid Pro Joe

By Jon Dougherty

(TNS) Whether it’s because of the recent impeachment attempt, constant assault by the Deep State and media, or his MAGA policies — perhaps a combo of all three — supporters who want to show love to President Donald Trump continue to break political records during his historic presidency.

And he did so again on Super Tuesday.

If you really want to know what destroys the sanity of Democrats and worsens Trump Derangement Syndrome among ‘conservatives’ like Bill Kristol and Mitt Romney, it’s stuff like this: Trump smashed voter turnout records for incumbent presidents like a boss.

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Reports earlier this week noted that the president’s Texas turnout was record-breaking, but according to Kayleigh McEnany, the National Press Secretary for the Trump campaign, the president made history in several other states as well:

In Vermont, you had President Trump beating the vote totals of all past incumbents in the last four decades. In Colorado, turnout was higher than the last three GOP primaries combined. And in Maine, beating the vote totals of all past primary candidates in the last four decades yet again. These are states that are blue states and President Trump is prevailing.

The energy is on our side. Nobody’s talking about it now. But they’re going to wake up very surprised on November 3, 2020.

And, per the Trump War Room, here are some comparison figures between incumbent Trump and incumbent Obama:

Obama: 241,167
Trump: 708,883

Obama: 94,936
Trump: 237,792

Obama: 25,000
Trump: 31,464

Obama: 127,909
Trump: 229,717

New Hampshire
Obama: 49,080
Trump: 129,696

Obama: 64,330
Trump: 273,562

Obama: 80,705
Trump: 384,034

Obama: 518,138
Trump: 1,907,342

McEnany added the “evident enthusiasm for Trump was made clear in red states, in swing states, even in blue states on Tuesday evening, indicating that the Republican Party is more unified than ever before and is growing in numbers.”

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Then there is the attendance at Trump rallies by self-described Democrats, which campaign manager Brad Parscale tracks very carefully. On average, Democrat attendance is about 23 percent, which is astounding. A fair number say they didn’t vote in 2016, while others haven’t cast a ballot in either of the last two presidential elections.

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And yet, they’re showing up a Trump rallies. As Red State reported recently, “Mind-Blowing! 58% Of Attendees at Trump’s Wisconsin Rally Were NOT Republicans, Up from 43% in Ohio.”



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Hahhahaa, demon-seeds are going to their own funeral. Dem party is dead, forever. Time for all you satanic dirtbags to go to another country, like china.

Are You Ready to Rumble! No Joe, Not inYour Diaper
Are You Ready to Rumble! No Joe, Not inYour Diaper

meanwhile, Sleepy Joe Diaper had about 50 +/- for his Thooper Thurdsday, er, Tuesday DNC rigging. The stage was so small that he mistook Hunter in drag for his wife.

You Poor Disenfranchised Bernie Bros.
You Poor Disenfranchised Bernie Bros.

They coached the Biden Team to look up at the rafters to make it seem as if in a huge fan filled stadium.
…but they left Joe alone, knowing that he’d be applying his faithful blank Alzheimer’s stare without being coached.
…sh*t worked

Dems Doin Math or Identifying Genders
Dems Doin Math or Identifying Genders

uh Dems , MAGA Squared = 375 million !
…or 500 million dollars for each and every one of us !

Nop Eberbody Goob ap Maff
Nop Eberbody Goob ap Maff

so I get a Job at NY Times as a gernalimast using my digree in safe space.

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