By Tank Murdoch

(TNS) Following Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s departure from the 2020 Democratic presidential sweepstakes earlier this week after a poor Super Tuesday showing, we began to hear a familiar refrain from the unhinged Left.

‘America is sexist.’ ‘America is replete with misogynists.’ ‘American voters hate the idea of a woman president.’ Yada, yada, yada.

This familiar chant was led by none other than a panel of brainiacs at MSNBC, which declared that ‘America’ is still ‘fearful of ambitious women’ or something similarly inane.

MSNBC host Joy Reid reacted to Warren’s exit by stating that women “had it in their grasp and let it go,” and “should just do differently” by being “the hungriest constituency” and insisting on a woman president even if they aren’t perfect.

“What I would say to women is that you’ve probably been voting for flawed male candidates your whole life. I always say the hungriest constituency wins, right? Hillary Clinton couldn’t even win a majority of her sisters,” she claimed.

Next, Hollywood. Angry “Perfect Harmony” actor Bradley Whitford noted Bernie Sanders advanced age and health problems tweeting, “A 78 year old woman, let alone a 78 year old woman who had just had a heart attack would NEVER be considered to be a viable candidate for president.”

He insisted, “In the public sphere, age tends to lionize men. And to erase women.”

Meanwhile, Comedian Micheal Ian Black couldn’t stand a New York Daily News Op-ed that pointed out Warren’s shortcomings. He tweeted, “Late in the piece, the writer acknowledges sexism playing a role but the premise of a ‘talented but “flawed” female politician’ is, itself, condescending and sexist.”

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“Where is the male candidate without flaws who has half of her talent?” Black asked, adding, “He’s nowhere to be found.”

The Daily Show co-creator Lizz Winstead lashed out over the news of Warren’s departure, tweeting, “America would vote for a cruise ship coated in coronavirus before they would vote for a woman. F**k everything today.”

Never mind that neither Hillary Clinton or Elizabeth Warren simply could not convince enough people to support them. No. It’s their vaginas that American voters hate, not their brains and ideas.

As for Warren, lest we forget she lost in Democrat primaries — you know, that ‘woke’ segment of voters, supposedly.

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The Leftists making these comments engage in no thought, no analysis, no reasoned calculus. Just visceral, political, rehearsed responses you could teach a parrot to make.

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It never dawns on any of them they are calling Democrat voters sexist, misogynistic pigs.

Perhaps we’ll see, come November, how many Democrat voters are sick and tired of being insulted by self-important people who routinely open their mouths before thinking.



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