By Jon Dougherty

(TNS) An East Coast carpetbagger now based in Utah who twice failed to accomplish what it took Donald Trump one time to do looks set to hand Democrats another victory in their effort to cover up for Joe and Hunter Biden.

Sen. Mitt Romney told reporters Thursday that Republican Senate efforts to subpoena records involving Joe and Hunter Biden and their wheelings and dealings in Ukraine he sees the effort not as an attempt to root out corruption but rather as a “political” stunt in an election year.

And as such, he may be about to block the effort entirely.

As POLITICO reported, Romney could “derail” the effort by voting against the subpoena next week as a member of the Senate Homeland Security Committee, which is seeking records from a Democrat public relations firm that may implicate the Bidens in a huge conflict-of-interest scandal.

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Or clear them. Either way, the panel wants the documents, and since Republicans only hold an 8-6 majority, the defection of a single GOP senator to Democrats would result in a 7-7 tie … and no subpoena.

“There’s no question the appearance is not good,” Romney told reporters, adding that he is still “considering” his vote. Meaning, it sure looks “political.”

Naturally, Romney pinned his ‘concerns’ on something that President Trump said during an interview on Fox News Wednesday evening with Sean Hannity.

Speaking of appearances, as we reported, the president said he’ll “definitely” bring up what certainly appeared to have been a Quid Pro Joe when the former vice president,  as Barack Obama’s “point man” in Ukraine, threatened to withhold $1 billion in aid from that country unless the president fired a prosecutor looking into a corrupt energy company that was paying his son, Hunter, millions of dollars.

Biden, a Democrat, shaking down Ukraine for political favor is okay; Romney helping his own party get to the bottom of that corruption, not so much because, hey, Trump Derangement Syndrome.

“I would prefer that investigations are done by an independent, non-political body,” said Romney, who split with his party when he voted to convict Trump in the impeachment trial, POLITICO reported.

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Unless, of course, Democrats in the House are doing the ‘investigations’ and the results are bad for Trump, eh Mitt?

POLITICO noted further:

Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.), the committee’s chairman, declined to comment on Romney’s views but said he sees “no reason why anybody would object” to the subpoena, which seeks documents from Blue Star, a Democratic public affairs firm, about Hunter Biden’s role on the board of a Ukrainian energy company, Burisma. It would be the first subpoena as part of the committee’s probe.

Biden is on video bragging about his Quid Pro Joe. Everyone’s seen it. Romney knows what Biden did and he knows why Biden did it. But like every other pretend conservative who is clinging to their #NeverTrump attitude, he is choosing to side with Democrats against the interests of his own party for selfish, personal reasons.

So whether this probe is “political” or not, it still needs to take place. If he votes against the subpoena, then Romney is essentially voting with Democrats hoping to keep this all covered up past the 2020 election.

Worse, he’ll continue to do this kind of stuff until January 2025, at least, because he just won his seat in November 2018.


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