By Tank Murdoch 

(TNS) Those of us who shook our heads in bewilderment and disbelief when Fox News hired disgraced former CNN talking head Donna Brazile were fully vindicated Tuesday after she became unhinged and belligerent towards RNC chief Ronna McDaniel.

In case you missed it, the former Democratic National Committee chair went off on McDaniel after she very correctly noted that the very same party Brazile used to lead is working behind the scenes to deny Sen. Bernie Sanders the 2020 nomination.

Demanding that “Republicans” should “stay the hell out” of Democratic politics while telling fairy tales about process and primaries and even getting in the ol’ discredited “Russia” angle, she then told McDaniel to “go to hell.”

If your instinct tells you, “Donna, doth protest too loud,” buy yourself something nice. You’re spot-on.

To begin with, let’s recall how this paragon of virtue was fired from CNN for providing 2016 presidential contender Hillary Clinton with questions ahead of televised debates with Sanders on more than one occasion in the summer of 2016. In fact, she was getting questions from CNN correspondents, including Roland Martin, who was also a pundit for the network. She, of course, lied about it at the time and denied everything — until she was busted.

Also, as the Washington Times reminds us, Ms. ‘We don’t scheme against Democratic candidates, thank you very much’ was also in charge of the very same DNC that did indeed scheme to deny Sanders a potential party nomination in 2016:

She temporarily left CNN in July when she became interim chairwoman of the DNC, after a series of hacked emails from party headquarters suggested that officials sided with Mrs. Clinton heavily in her primary battle against Sen. Bernard Sanders.

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Those revelations forced the resignation in July of DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz, an embarrassment for the party just as the Democratic National Convention was opening in Philadelphia.

And let’s not forget that it was Brazile herself who said in a book she had “proof” that Hillary Clinton “rigged” the 2016 nomination against Sanders.

Of course, as POLITICO noted, this was after Brazile and Schultz let Clinton take over the party apparatus.

And all of that came before the DNC admitted in court that it rigged the 2016 primaries in favor of Clinton, arguing that it’s a private political party and as such can do as it pleases.

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As for this time around, the Democratic Party establishment — including Clinton — have made it crystal clear they do not want Sanders capturing the nomination, period. We’ve documented it (here, here, and here). So Ronna McDaniel is spot-on.

But what’s really galling here is Brazile’s gargantuan double standard.

To claim that Republicans have no ‘right’ to criticize Democrats or their politics and political processes is absurd. Democrats lie about Republicans on a daily basis. They attack President Trump like it’s a calling. They distort his record, blatantly fib about what he says and does, and make ridiculous, unprovable, unsubstantiated claims about his administration constantly.

Donna Brazile is the least-qualified defender of the DNC and its primary processes, given her role in screwing Bernie the last time he ran for the party’s nomination.

Fox News should dump this hack post-haste. Not only was her rant and attack against McDaniel wholly inappropriate, none of what she claimed or said was even close to being true.

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