By Tank Murdoch

(TNS) As voters head to the polls on Super Tuesday, another couple of 2020 Democratic presidential hopefuls — Pete Buttigieg and Sen. Amy Klobuchar — have called it quits.

They knew there was no path forward for them to capture the party’s nomination. It just wasn’t going to happen.

In fact, as talk radio legend Rush Limbaugh pointed out on his Monday program, the electoral math heavily favors our favorite socialist Commie, Sen. Bernie Sanders, the “Independent” poised to steal a major party presidential nomination from the clutches of the Democratic establishment — if they let him.

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But of course, the Dem establishment doesn’t want Sanders; they will ‘settle’ for former Vice President Joe Biden, the gaffe machine, if they have to, but as he made clear again Monday evening at a campaign event where he couldn’t even remember one of the most well-known segments of the Declaration of Independence, the hope that he’ll remain a viable candidate, especially after today, is dwindling.

Which brings us to the ‘other’ Democratic candidate who doesn’t seem to have a snowball’s chance in Yemen of capturing the nomination: Michael Bloomberg.

According to the Washington Times, he heads into Super Tuesday without leading in any state, and without a single delegate to his name. So…what’s he up to?

The Super Tuesday primaries are shaping up as a day of reckoning for billionaire media mogul Michael Bloomberg, who spent hundreds of millions of his vast fortune on TV ads pushing a message of competence but trails everywhere in the Democratic presidential race.

With Sen. Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota and former South Bend, Indiana, Mayor Pete Buttigieg dropping out of the race and the Democratic Party establishment congealing behind former Vice President Joseph R. Biden, Mr. Bloomberg increasingly threatens to play the role of spoiler.WashTimes

Precisely. As POLITICO added Tuesday, Bloomberg has vowed to remain in the race no matter what the Super Tuesday delegate count winds up being:

A defiant Mike Bloomberg beat back criticism of himself and his campaign Monday in a Fox News town hall, arguing that he is, indeed, a Democrat and has no reason to follow fellow moderates Pete Buttigieg and Amy Klobuchar out of the presidential race. …

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Bloomberg launched his late campaign in November, casting himself as a centrist alternative to former Vice President Joe Biden and skipping the first four primary states while pouring a half-billion dollars into advertising across the country.

The free-spending billionaire, who will be on ballots for the first time when 14 states vote on Tuesday, said that reality strengthens his case for staying in the race, even as Buttigieg and Klobuchar dropped out on consecutive days. Both endorsed Biden after his dominant win in South Carolina on Saturday.

Bloomberg is positioning himself as a Biden/Sanders alternative at a brokered convention later this year, as evident by his comments at the town hall.

“Keep in mind, you don’t have to win states. You have to win delegates,” he said. “And if you came in second in every state, you might even have a plurality — probably not a majority. The most likely scenario for the Democratic Party is that nobody has a majority and then it goes to a convention where there’s horse trading and everybody decides to compromise on — it doesn’t even have to be one of the two leading candidates. It could be somebody that had only a small number of delegates.”

We noted this late last month, citing earlier reporting by POLITICO:

A report from POLITICO earlier this week revealed a ‘behind-the-scenes’ effort by billionaire media mogul Michael Bloomberg to steal the nomination from Sen. Bernie Sanders at a “brokered convention” later this year — a move that would cause certain meltdown and result in electoral chaos for the Donkey Party.

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POLITICO noted that the plan, “largely executed by Bloomberg’s senior state-level advisers in recent weeks, attempts to prime Bloomberg for a second-ballot contest at the Democratic National Convention in July by poaching supporters of Joe Biden and other moderate Democrats.”

Consider: The Democratic Party doesn’t want Sanders — a point driven home again on Monday as the latest drop-outs swung behind Biden (so, too, did early 2020 dropout Beto O’Rourke). But Sanders’ electoral math is better. Also, Biden clearly doesn’t have the mental capacity to be president.

That leaves Democrats with another ‘lesser-of-two-evils’ choice in Bloomberg. But at least he won’t turn the party into a mass of lunatic Communism.


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