By Jon Dougherty

(TNS) We’re not quite sure what Democratic presidential contender Mike Bloomberg hoped to gain from his ‘message to the nation’ he purchased on two broadcast networks Sunday night regarding the coronavirus, but we are certain of one thing: He’s full of it.

It also might have been the only moment he’ll ever get to sorta, kinda ‘be president.’

Throughout the campaign ad — because that’s all it was, a campaign ad — the former NYC mayor attempted to position himself as the best person running to ‘handle emergencies’ like the outbreak of a virus…that so far has infected fewer than 80 people in the U.S., and has only killed one person who already had underlying health problems.

Got it.

Here is a summary of what Bloomberg implied:

— Trump is no leader

— Trump is a dummy

— Trump is ‘politicizing’ the outbreak

— Trump is withholding resources from federal health agencies like the CDC

— Trump isn’t doing enough to ‘calm everyone down’

— Trump was ‘unprepared.’

None of that is true. Not one allegation is accurate.

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Leadership. Recall that Trump convened a coronavirus task force in January, but even before then, his administration — Health and Human Services, the Surgeon General’s office, FEMA, DHS,  and even some intelligence agencies — were all on it. Viral outbreaks that have the potential to ‘go global’ are events that U.S. leaders are always on top of, and that includes this president as well. (CNN panned the panel as ‘not diverse enough.’ Unreal.)

Trump the dummy. This “Trump is a dummy” schtick is wearing awfully thin, because it is so demonstrably untrue. This man has kicked political butt since he coasted down the escalator at Trump Tower in Mike’s town in 2015, and he continues to do so today.

Politicization. No, that would be the Democrats who are politicizing this outbreak — including Bloomberg, as is evident by his ‘wannabe president’ virus campaign ad. In fact, we named Democrat names for Chuck Todd on Sunday.

Withholding resources. Patently untrue, as even The Associated Press noted in a fact-check.

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Voice of calm and reason. This is probably the biggest lie. The president, along with Vice President Mike Pence, the coronavirus task force leader, and officials at HHS and the CDC have talked until they’re blue in the face trying to calm everyone down. It’s the media that continues to stir this hysteria pot — and Democratic presidential candidates like Mike Bloomberg.

Unprepared. Another massive falsehood. In an obvious attempt to paint President Donald Trump as incompetent to handle this so-far-very-limited viral outbreak (that pales in comparison to this year’s flu season of 27 million infected 250,000+ hospitalized, and 15,000 dead), he also insulted the millions of men and women whose job it is to prepare ahead of time for these types of incidents.

Because by implying that Trump ‘isn’t ready for coronavirus,’ he implied they aren’t ready, either, which is total nonsense.

Local, state, and federal emergency management professionals practice, rehearse, study, and game-plan this kind of stuff daily. They research events like pandemics. They write in-depth action plans, and update them as events warrant. They meet regularly with peers from other states, other cities, other agencies. They hold seminars. They become experts, then they consult other experts.

Bloomberg also suggested that because he dealt with similar outbreaks and other events when he was NYC mayor, that makes him more qualified than Trump…to delegate the responsibility of handling such events to others. What kind of sense does that make?

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Everyone knows that President Trump isn’t a virologist or even medically trained. But neither is Bloomberg. He suggested in his campaign ad that ‘a real leader’ would do exactly what he did in NYC as mayor — delegate and defer to the experts.

Trump’s done that. The task force? Hello? Is this thing on?

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In Bloomberg’s narcissistic mind, he obviously thought his politicization of the coronavirus outbreak was his ‘chance to shine’ before millions of Americans. No doubt he convinced some people that he’s ‘the guy’ to beat Trump in November.

But we believe to most Americans he looked very small (not a pun), very petty, and trite. And it won’t move the needle on his presidential aspirations.


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