By Jon Dougherty

(TNS) The Democratic Party and an army of Left-wing groups dedicated to undermining our election processes by fighting tooth and nail every attempt to make them more legitimate have scored another victory in a key 2020 battleground state.

And it’s actually a victory snagged from the jaws of defeat.

Earlier, a Wisconsin court ruled that state election officials were in the wrong for not removing some 200,000 people from voter registration rolls after they failed to respond to new voter registration notifications within the mandated 30-day time limit.

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The Wisconsin Election Commission then decided that it would wait until after the 2020 election to remove those names. That seemed like an obvious violation of state law, so the Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty filed suit. They won.

But on Friday, a Wisconsin appeals court overturned the lower court’s decision claiming, remarkably, that the lower court somehow ‘rewrote’ the state law in its ruling.

“In interpreting the Wisconsin Statutes, courts may not rewrite the plain language of the statutes the legislature has enacted,” the appeals court said. “Acceptance of the arguments of Plaintiffs would cause us to rewrite statutes enacted by the legislature, and that we cannot do.” It added that the ruling has been “reversed, and this matter is remanded to the circuit court for dismissal of plaintiffs’ complaint.”

The Epoch Times noted further:

The suit argued that the state election commission broke the law when it didn’t remove people from the voter rolls who didn’t respond within 30 days in October to indicate that they’ve moved. The agency said it was going to wait until after the November 2020 election before any voter was removed.

The appeals court also vacated an order from the same judge that found the Wisconsin Elections Commission in contempt for not moving ahead with the voter roll purge. The case was sent back to the lower court and ordered it to be dismissed, reported The Associated Press.

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Translated, the lower court judge found that the Wisconsin Elections Board was not only in violation of state law when it decided, arbitrarily, to withhold its voter purge until after the November elections, the board was also in violation of the lower court’s order to conduct the purge as state law requires.

“Wisconsin deserves clean elections in 2020. It is our intent to seek review in the Wisconsin Supreme Court to ensure that the Wisconsin Elections Commission complies with state law,” said group spokesperson Rick Esenberg in a statement.

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Well, let’s hope so. Because this case could theoretically decide who wins Wisconsin, a state President Trump only carried by 23,000 votes over Hillary Clinton.

As an aside, Friday’s ruling also clearly advantages Democrats because, as The Epoch Times noted, lo and behold, the majority of names on registration lists to be purged are from Democrat-heavy districts.


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