The perpetually wrong Paul Krugman just celebrated Americans losing $1 trillion in savings

What kind of person do you have to be to get your jollies off of other people's misfortune?

By Tank Murdoch

(TNS) Quick — which ‘leading economist’ has more politically-motivated, politically-awarded Pulitzer Prizes for being consistently wrong about economics? If you answered Paul Krugman, get yourself something nice.

New York Times columnist Krugman, the Distinguished Professor of Economics at the Graduate Center of the City University of New York and graduate of MIT, Yale, and the Kennedy School of Economics, has been wrong more times about how the economy is going to perform and which direction it will take not because he’s a dumb guy, but because he has a bad habit of allowing his Left-wing political ideology and uncontrollable hatred for Republicans cloud his judgement.

As the National Review’s David Harsanyi noted in a November column, Krugman’s never correct and never “in doubt” about it:

One of the nation’s leading doomsayers has been the New York Times’ perpetually mistaken Paul Krugman, who warned shortly after the 2016 election that Trump’s victory would trigger a global recession “with no end in sight.” We could file that under “post-election hysteria,” but as late as April of this year he was still telling crowds that the bond-market signals predicted “a pretty good chance of a recession sometime in the next year or so.” And he has kept this going all year:

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A couple of weeks after the Trump Boom expired, CNBC reported that “October job creation comes in at 128,000, easily topping estimates even with GM auto strike.” This cycle has been going on for three years.

Harsanyi noted further that Krugman would go on to excuse his chronically wrong predictions “by claiming that the economy’s successes are really just driven by instances of his own political preferences playing out.” Sure thing.

Anyway, the one person who really sets Krugman off is President Donald Trump. And why? The answer seems obvious to anyone who is not afflicted with Trump Derangement Syndrome: Trump is a much better economist that the Ivy League-educated and ‘esteemed’ Krugman.

Because the non-Ivy League-educated president repeatedly demonstrates his superior command of basic economic principles, as evidenced by his massively successful progress on reviving Obama’s moribund economy, Krugman and other Left-wing ‘economists’ like him are perpetually triggered.

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And being triggered does not make for good, sound economic judgement, which is why Krugman is so chronically wrong.

But he’s more than just wrong, he’s also bitter. So it makes perfect sense why he would delight in this week’s coronavirus-driven drop on Wall Street, which lost some 12.4 percent of its value and more than $1 trillion in wealth — most of it once held by average Americans trying to build a 401(k) retirement.

Blue-checks on Twitter let this loser have it, and it was well-deserved. It’s also noteworthy to point out that the market jitters came from unknowns regarding product supply chains disrupted by coronavirus in China, where millions of workers have been idled by the outbreak (that’s now under control there, by the way).

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Not from Donald Trump’s policies.

What kind of person do you have to be to get your jollies off of other people’s misfortune? Answer: A Paul Krugman kind of person.



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Scotty Gunn
Scotty Gunn

Democrats are gleeful that America looks like it might head into a recession. They don’t care about the average person, or their families. Just power.


Krugswine is a pedo. He says somebody hacked his account. Lol.

Look it up. Like I said before NYT, SPLC, ADL all into the same pervert stuff.

I don’t see how they can walk the streets, let alone look at themselves in the mirror before they sleep.

Put Calipers on AOC's Head and Take a Measurement
Put Calipers on AOC's Head and Take a Measurement

That guy’s just a blathering Talking shitHead, nothing more. He is as asinine a useless authority on any topic as AOC (aka Pinhead)
He has absolutely NO RESPECT in the world of economics…and that’s if even somehow somebody knows his name.


Democrats are truly evil. They are anti-American. To wish bad things upon the country just because they have a visceral hatred of our president is the most vile a person could be.


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